VIDEO: HBCU Grad Undertakes Hollywood and VH-1 Takes a LOST!

Interviewed by Rashad J. Smith

VH-1’s Master of the Mixes   judges believed that by letting go an irreplaceable component to the show, they are that much closer to choosing their Master of the Mix. I believe that they have clearly made a mistake!

Previously referred to as the “Diddy of DJ’s” …


Brian “DJ B-Hen” Henry has phenomenal skills on the 1’s and 2’s, attractive to the ears of the young and the seasoned. Beyond his talents of hyping the crowd with rhythmic tunes, B-Hen is inspired to empower woman and the youth of the World by sharing his experiences through entertainment.

After losing his mother to a battle of breast cancer during his last year of high school, B-Hen understood his mom’s desire for him to succeed beyond adversity.  “As the first generation in my family to attend college, DJing just didn’t seem like a viable option for me at the time.” (Reminiscing his mother’s unyielding love), “She made everything so clear… you can get a job, go to college, go into the military, or get the heck out of my house” he laughs.

Her virtuous recommendations resulted in B-Hen applying to countless scholarships that would eventually cover the cost of 4 years of tuition, give or take, $100,000 plus. #DANG ”

“I went into overdrive aand applied to everything under the sun and I eventually had almost a full ride when accepted to Morehouse College.”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness: But Are We Truly Aware of Both??

So, I am sitting here trying to understand why during the month of October Breast Cancer Awareness gets more media attention and corporate sponsorship than Domestic Violence Awareness which is also remembered during the month of October. I know that most women have breast irrespective of their size, pigmentation, and function. And, I also know 1 of 8 women will be diagnosed with some form of breast cancer. However, what I am having a hard time trying to understand is why it seems to be favored, if one could favor one personal disaster over another, over domestic violence especially when 1 of 4 women will experience some form of domestic violence in their lifetime meaning women are more likely to be exposed to domestic violence than breast cancer.

This acknowledgement is not to reduce the level of attention Breast Cancer Awareness’ initiatives receive because it is important. And, evermore important to me because a couple of months ago my “beloved” godmother was diagnosed with it which caused me to become a consumer of all things related to curing Breast Cancer. However, as a survivor of domestic violence—lived through my mother’s daily beatings—and goddaughter of a breast cancer survivor, I see the interconnections and similarities between both issues and why they must be addressed simultaneously.