Fox News Contributor: Welfare and Food Stamps Make Poverty Feel ‘A Little Comfortable’

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Cavuto on Business,” contributor Charles Payne asserted that programs like welfare and food stamps can make poverty feel “a little comfortable.”

Adding that he speaks from personal experience, Payne elaborated:

From the Huffington Post:

“There’s this idea that between the food stamps and the welfare and the earned income tax credit and the child tax credit and the local programs, you know, it gets a little comfortable to be in poverty,” Payne said during a discussion on food stamp usage.

NAACP Sides w/ Soft Drink Companies; Opposes NYC Sugary Drink Restrictions

The NAACP raised more than a few eyebrows this week when they came out against NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s so-called soda ban.

The restrictions would limit the sale of “super-sized” sugary beverages. As we reported earlier this week, Black youth are almost twice as likely as their white peers to consume high calorie, sugary drinks like Pepsi and Coca-Cola. These kinds of drinks have been linked to rising obesity rates, and therefore many would argue that the black community would stand to greatly benefit from such a ban.

But the NAACP disagrees. And their close financial ties to the beverage industry have many calling into question the civil right organization’s commitment to the needs of the community.

STUDY: Black Youth More Likely to Cosume Calories from Sugary Drinks

According to a recent study, black youth are almost twice as likely as their white peers to consume high calorie, sugary drinks like Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

In general, low income children of all races are consuming these drinks at a troubling rate.

Experts say these results highlight the racial disparities present within America’s obesity epidemic.

Will A Longer School Year Help or Hurt Our Youth?

Proposals to lengthen the school year is rapidly gaining support across the country.

Proponents say too much knowledge is lost over summer vacation, and longer school years would give low-income children more access to healthy, school-provided meals.

One major proponent of longer school years is Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who believes longer school years will help our young people be better equipped to compete globally.

Beyonce Signs $50 Million Pepsi Deal; Faces Criticism

In the wake of the announcement of Beyonce’s $50 million endorsement deal with Pepsi, reaction from the public has been mixed.

As Clutch Magazine notes, many are congratulating Bey on a major career milestone, while others view the endorsement of a sugary, decidedly unhealthy soft drink as hypocritical.

As you might recall, Beyonce was a very high profile advocate for First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign.

Should she be endorsing a healthier product?