Tyler Perry Partnering With Oprah’s OWN Network for New Series

Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network has just announced a partnership with filmmaker Tyler Perry.

OWN will reportedly host all of Perry’s upcoming tv projects, including two upcoming series.

They will be the first original, scripted programs on OWN.

From the Grio:

“The star and producer of the popular Madea plays and films said it’s a ‘dream realized’ to have an opportunity to partner with Oprah.

Harry Belafonte: Jay-Z and Beyonce Have ‘Turned Their Backs on Social Responsibility’

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, activist and showbiz legend Harry Belafonte took today’s crop of minorities in Hollywood to task for ‘turning their backs on social responsibility.’

He specifically aimed his comments at Jay-Z and Beyonce, whom Forbes Magazine just recently named the highest-earning couple in Hollywood.

Together, Jay and Bey earned a whopping $78 million in 2011 alone.

Adidas Defends Shackle Shoe Design

It doesn’t appear that Adidas will be overtaking Nike as the chosen shoe of hoopers any time soon.

Last week, Adidas announced that its JS Roundhouse Mid would be available as part of their Fall/Winter collection.

The problem? The shoe features shackles, which have caused many to suggest that it is a not-so-subtle reference to slavery.

Should Diddy’s Son Give Back His Scholarship?

UCLA is standing by its decision to award Justin Combs an athletic scholarship worth $54,000.

The 18-year-old son of Sean “P. Diddy” Combs was the star cornerback of Iona Prep (New Rochelle, NY) and entertained offers from several Division 1-A schools before committing to play football for the Bruins next fall. Although the scholarship was based upon his performance on the field, folks are demanding that Justin, who reportedly graduated with 3.75 GPA, give up the scholarship so that the money can be allocated to a student with a greater financial need.

Trayvon Martin-Inspired Shooting Range Targets Sold Online?!

The internet is buzzing over news that an “unidentified entrepreneur” is trying to profit off of the Trayvon Martin tragedy by selling shooting range targets inspired by the slain 17 year-old.

The target is reportedly shaped like a hoodie and features cross hairs on the front. A bag of skittles are tucked into the pocket, and the left hand holds a can of iced tea.

STUDY: Waiters Give Black People Bad Service Because They’re Bad Tippers?

A recent study published in the Journal of Black Studies found that 40 percent of waiters  give black customers poor service, assuming that black patrons are bad tippers.

87 percent of those surveyed were white. Many described black customers as “demanding” and “rude.” Of course, why would these servers expect large tips when they are knowingly providing poor service?

Is It Okay to Drug Test Welfare Recipients?

On Monday Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed into law a bill that would require applicants for welfare to be tested for drugs. Dubbed the Social Responsibility and Accountability Act, the law is set to go into effect on June 1st, and will certainly face challenges from civil liberties groups.

According to Colorlines.com, over two-dozen other states are considering similar laws. Supporters argue that such laws will save taxpayer money and stop abuse of the welfare system. However, much like the supposed threat of “voter fraud” that is allegedly  behind the recent spate of discriminatory voter ID laws across the country, there is very little evidence that drug-taking welfare recipients is a widespread problem.