Trump to Sign Executive Order Cutting Climate Regulations

Today, Donald Trump will sign an executive order at the Environmental Protections Agency cutting Obama-era regulations enforced by the government.

The Trump administration claims that protecting American jobs is more important than protecting the environment, and will roll back policies that prevent coal mining on federal lands. It will also mandate that the federal government conduct a review the Clean Power Plan Initiative (which caps power plant emissions), and identify rules that are “impediments to American energy independence.”

President Obama Holds Republican Roast Session During Speech

During a presidential election cycle, it’s common practice for potential candidates on both sides to criticize the sitting head of state to show what they’d do differently. But this cycle in particular has brought out some non-stop claims by Republican candidates that question pretty much every move President Barack Obama has made in his presidency.

Well, Obama isn’t sitting quietly as he’s attacked on a daily basis. Recently, a video surfaced on C-SPAN of Obama taking some time out in a speech to hold an abbreviated roast session of the Republican Party as a whole.

NY Housing Authority Demanding Rent UPFRONT from Sandy Victims

The election may have caused many to forget about Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath.

Some of those living on the east coast and still recovering from the disaster got an especially cruel reminder, though.

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) announced that it will not only be charging tenants rent, but that the rent is expected to be paid on time, even though many residents are still without power two weeks after the city shut it off due to the hurricane: