16-year-old opens gym in neighborhood to combat violence



16-year-old high school athlete Ross Torrance saw what was happening in his community and decided to help make a change.

Torrance, from Miami, opened a gym in his neighborhood to help people in the area get fit. He hopes to give people in his neighborhood access to gym equipment that would help them lead healthier lives and provide space that is free from the violence he sees in his community.

Chicago Film festival tells stories of black LGBTQ community


For two days residents and visitors of Chicago will have the chance to experience unique films dedicated to showcasing works by and about the Black LGBTQ/SGL (same gender loving) community.

The Black Alphabet Film Festival, hosted by the non profit Black Alphabet, features a series of independent films that tell the stories of black LGBTQ members. 

Why the Banjee Black Gurl’s Brunch is a safe space


By: Terrence Chappell

This past Sunday, June 8, I hosted a brunch at my apartment in Chicago’s Edgewater community. I absolutely love having friends over and entertaining. I grew up watching my mom entertain, so this brunch brought it full circle, of course with the help of a few of her hosting secrets and nick-knacks. However, this brunch was a little different from past things I have hosted at my place. Comically titled A Banjee Black Gurl’s Brunch: BAPs Edition (Chapter 4), the brunch was a social outlet for gay black men to connect and enjoy one another.

Chatham residents reject violence in community

Jahmal Cole and his wife have been living in Chicago’s Chatham neighborhood for six years now. At the time, the Coles had heard very little about the violence, but since they moved into their home in 2008, the house has been burglarized twice and the ring of gunshots is all too common. 

Yet and still the Coles remain in their neighborhood, and are standing up to the violence.