Cafe Society to host Stand Your Ground talk in light of Dunn verdict

cafe society
The Cafe Society in Chicago will be meeting on Wednesday, March 12 at Ron’s Barber Shop 6058 W North Ave. at 5pm and Friday March 14 at NiteCap Coffee Bar 1738 W 18th St. at 6pm to discuss the implications of the controversial Stand Your Ground law.

This is community conversation, set to take place on Chicago’s west side, is meant to gauge opinions about the justice system in relation to society. 

Coming from where I’m from

drivebyAfter reading a recent New York Times article featuring a north Saint Louis neighborhood and the violence that it’s citizens live with daily, I realize that I see my neighborhood with different eyes. I am a born and raise resident of the same north Saint Louis neighborhood. Like most of my neighbors, I have witnessed or been a victim of crime in our neighborhood. Folks always ask my family and me “Why don’t you move?” We always reply, “Why? What will happen when all the good folks are gone?”