School Clerk Antoinette Tuff Convinced Elementary School Gunman to Lay Down Weapon and Surrender

After spending an hour talking with Georgia elementary school gunman Brandon Hill, school clerk Antoinette Tuff was able to persuade him to put down his weapon.

Tuff is a school clerk at Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy.

She says she prayed for him, told her details of her life, and through building a rapport with him was able to convince Hill to surrender peacefully to police.

Michigan Judge: No More Life-Without-Parole Sentences for Juveniles

Michigan Judge John Corbett O’Meara has ruled that juveniles convicted of first-degree murder must be considered for parole.

O’Meara’s ruling demands that the state no longer enforce their mandatory-no-parole law in the wake of a landmark Supreme Court decision.

That decision – which came down last year – abolished mandatory no-parole sentences for young people under the age of 18.

Eric Holder Unveils Major Drug Sentencing Reforms

Attorney General Eric Holder will announce major drug sentencing reforms today.

The Justice Department will avoid charging low-level and nonviolent drug offenders with crimes that carry mandatory minimum sentences, as long as they’re not connected with criminal organizations.

U.S. attorneys across the country will also be afforded with greater prosecutorial discretion.

Grand Jury Will NOT Charge Officer Who Shot and Killed Unarmed Teenager Ramarley Graham

Not to be outdone by the antics of Florida, a grand jury has decided not to charge an NYPD officer who shot and killed unarmed teenager, Ramarley Graham.

Officer Richard Haste pursued and then entered the apartment that Graham shared with his grandmother, confronted, and fatally shot the 18-year-old.

Federal Prosecutors say they will review the case to determine if Graham’s civil rights were violated.


The decision, which was announced on Thursday morning, was met with shock from the Bronx district attorney, Robert T. Johnson, and it prompted calls for a federal civil rights investigation and an independent prosecutor. By late afternoon, the United States attorney’s office in Manhattan said it would review the evidence to “determine whether there were any violations of the federal criminal civil rights laws.”

Chair of Florida ‘Stand Your Ground’ Hearings is a Staunch Supporter of the Policy

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s decision to hold a hearing on the “Stand Your Ground” law may have seemed like a major step in the right direction.

But news of the man picked to chair the hearing – Rep. Matt Gaetz – has many shaking their heads.

Gaetz is a staunch supporter of the law, proclaiming that he doesn’t “support changing one damn comma of the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law.