On Black Beauty

The nature of blogging necessitates that each Monday I dedicate my time to commenting on the most recent news of the day that I care about to varying degrees.  That said, I thought I’d take this first June entry to say something about an issue that I didn’t have an opportunity to discuss because I was busy hating on Common and famous gay people.

Last month, a few completely different, yet not altogether unrelated issues made a blip on my pop culture radar.  Briefly:

  1. Rap group, Dead Prez released the video for “The Beauty Within,” a track off their latest mixtape.  The song is both a celebration of “natural” black women and a response to the Bruno Mars track it samples.  The Mars’ video celebrates those women who live in Omniracial City or its near suburbs.  Dead Prez give the brown sisters a shoutout, and crunchy women everywhere ashéd for forty days.