Demonstrators for and against same-sex marriage protest during a rally in front of a federal courthouse in San Francisco, Monday, Jan. 11, 2010. The first federal trial to determine if the U.S. Constitution prohibits states from outlawing same-sex marriage gets under way in San Francisco on Monday, and the two gay couples on whose behalf the case was brought will be among the first witnesses. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

How Religious Liberty Bills Target Women and Regulate Sex

In the wake of the 2015 Supreme Court decision to recognize same-sex loving people’s right to marry in the United States, Congress has proposed the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) under the guise of protecting “religious liberty” to allow employers and business owners to discriminate against gay people’s rights if they do not agree with homosexuality. In addition, according to the ACLU, these laws enable employers to fire women for having premarital sex and pharmacies to deny birth control to women.

Cook Out Restautant

Trump Supporters Were Denied Service At A Restaurant, Cite Discrimination

Fact: No one should be denied a service because of who they are or what they believe

Also fact: It’s pretty ironic when supporters of a candidate (whose entire campaign is based on discrimination) are denied a service and are then shocked to see what that discrimination feels like.

Shannon Riggs and her cousins were on the way back from a Donald Trump rally in North Carolina when they decided to get some food from a local restaurant chain called Cook Out. Adorned in full “Make America Great Again” regalia, Riggs and her cousins approached the window to make their order and claim they heard an employee say, “‘Oh, hell no, I’m not serving them.”

Black students in geles by Jamaica Gilmer

It’s More Than A Head Wrap For US

At the beginning of Black History Month, a group of Black girls at the School for Creative Studies in Durham, North Carolina wanted to wear “geles”, also known as head wraps, in order to celebrate their African heritage. How did the school administration respond to this celebration of Black culture? Negatively and without any consideration for what the head wraps could have meant for the young women.


Chris Rock Has an Intersectional Critique of Jennifer Lawrence’s Feminism

Who doesn’t love Jennifer Lawrence? She’s the modern-day Joan of Arc who calls out Hollywood and its sexist pay structures while still headlining some of the biggest films of the year. Well, Chris Rock, like many people of color doesn’t believe Lawrence is the great light for equality. Rather, he suggests that her focus on pay differences for women misses how race also plays a factor.

Target refuses to apologize for racist ‘Annie’ ad




Major retail chain Target is refusing to apologize for releasing an ad promoting a clothing line for the film “Annie” starring Quvenzhané Wallis.

Target came under criticism for using white models to advertise the Annie-themed clothing line instead of children of color. The corporation released the following statement in response to the backlash.

#AliveWhileBlack responds to #Crimingwhilewhite: stories of police discrimination


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In response to an online protests where white Americans take to social media to share their experiences with police, black responders have created the #AliveWhileBlack hashtag to share less positive encounters with police.

#Crimingwhilewhite reveals just how much of a break whites gets when committing crimes. Unfortunately, that luxury isn’t available to people of color.