Study: Black men less likely to run in white neighborhoods

A University of Maryland professor discovered some shocking statistics about the practices of black runners.

Rashawn Ray, Ph.D, found that black men are less likely to run outside if they live in a predominantly white neighborhood.

The opposite was true for black women.

From Runner’s World:

Ray surveyed 500 college-educated African-Americans living in urban and suburban areas across the United States in 2011 to explore why middle-class blacks were less physically active than their Caucasian peers. “Research has shown that the higher one’s social class, the more likely she or he is to be physically active,” says Ray. “Black men are criminalized by the inability of others to separate a black male from crime.”

STUDY: Many Black Women Avoid Exercise To Maintain Hair

A new study claims that many African-American women don’t exercise due to concerns about maintaining their hairstyles.

A survey of just over one hundred black women conducted by Dr. Amy McMichael and several of her colleagues at Wake Forest University School of Medicine found that 40% (2 out of 5) black women avoid exercise because of the their hair.

25% don’t exercise at all.

Getting Healthy

A few months ago, I made a serious decision to start taking my health into my own hands. The first step was to better understand what I was eating and how it was affecting me. The second step was to start (and stick with) an exercise regimen. Definitely easier said than done, but since schedule is a tad more stable during the summer, I figured I should start developing the habit now.

Diet wasn’t any issue for me. After watching my grandmother undergo a double bypass a few years ago, I started to seriously moderate anything fast, fatty and fried and red meat and pork hadn’t been dietary staples since college. But the exercise was a real issue. I had no idea where to start. Outside of playing sports in high school and a brief love affair with yoga in college, I’d never really exercised. I could acquire a gym membership through my job but that felt like too much. And the community center in my neighborhood offers free classes 4 times a week but…nah. Long story short, I made every excuse under the sun.