Study: Black men who grew up in single parent homes have higher risk of hypertension

Listening to Patient's Heartbeat with Stethoscope

According to a new study released by the American Heart Association, whether or not black men grow up in single family homes can determine their health.

The study, “Childhood Family Living Arrangements & Blood Pressure in Black Men,” took a look at whether childhood family living arrangements are independently associated with mean BP and hypertension in black men. This is the first study to ever link childhood family living arrangements with high blood pressure in Black men.

The Black Matriarchal System: A Common Culprit in the Black Community

For decades, the existence of the black “matriarchy” has been studied, scrutinized and depicted in an effort to understand its causes and effects on the black family system. The term is contestable because while some schools of thought determine there is no black matriarchy, others who believe the matriarchy is the cause for the issues in the black community, and those who see no issue with a matriarchal family structure.

Why is White the Norm?

Why is white the norm? Why do minorities represent the deviation? Well, the word minority should say it all, shouldn’t it? We are not the majority. We’re certainly not made to feel like the majority. We look at ourselves as different. In the past, there have been scientific tests to prove our inadequacy and incompetence. Our dark skin made us “the perfect slaves” as we could be easily caught when trying to run away. Our stereotypical “laziness” somehow built the foundations of America’s agricultural economy. Our “sexual” people made our women ideal rape victims.