JetBlue kicks Black family off plane because of birthday cake

Has anyone taken a train across country recently? What’s that like? Because it is starting to seem like the odds of safely catching a flight are steadily decreasing. New York Daily News reports that a family is planning on filing a lawsuit against JetBlue after being kicked off of a plane for bringing a cake onboard. Cameron and Minta Burke and their two children were aboard a flight leaving New Jersey so they could celebrate Minta’s 40th birthday in Las Vegas before things took a turn.

4 Ways to Deal with Politically Different Family this Holiday

This holiday season, many of us will return home to our families, who, even though they love us very much and we love them, may hold different political beliefs. It won’t be easy.

The current political moment is an especially tough one if you or your loved ones voted for different presidential candidates back in November. In order to get through this holiday season not only dealing with politically different family, but truly enjoying yourself and your time together, here are 4 tips to breeze through the holidays with family who may not be so “woke.”

Korryn Gaines’ Family Plans To Sue Baltimore County Police

When Korryn Gaines was killed by Baltimore County Police, there were a lot of unanswered questions. Such as whether the officers had a legal right to enter her home or even tried to deescalate the situation before shots rang out, killing her and striking her 5-year-old son.

Gaines’ family has announced that they’ll be filing a lawsuit against both the Baltimore County Police Department and Officer First Class Ruby, according to CBS