Union Square rally exposes public tensions with police

When Sybrina Fulton, proclaimed, “our son is your son,” to the crowd of protestors in Manhattan’s Union Square, she was speaking to the parents in the audience, she was speaking to humanity. Fulton and her ex-husband Travis Martin traveled to New York City from Sanford, Florida where their son, Trayvon Martin, 17, was shot dead on February 26th by George Zimmerman, 28, a neighborhood watchman.

The Million Hoodie March, the rally held in response to the recent murder of the Florida teen displayed the growing frustration among New York City residents, many still angered by the police murders of young men such as Sean Bell, 23 and Bronx teen, Ramarley Graham, 18.  Like Martin, both young men were unarmed.  And in both instances, police went unpunished.  Zimmerman, an armed civilian, who claimed self-defense, still remains free.  Sanford police continue to come under fire for a series of miscues such as the delayed release of the 911 recordings, correcting a witness’ account of the shooting, sending a narcotics officer to a homicide, and failing to test the shooter for drugs and alcohol.