Youth Football Team Has Season Ended After ‘Taking A Knee’ During Anthem

Somehow, out of all of the athletic groups across the country that are kneeling during the National Anthem, the one that was punished the hardest is full of kids.

The Beaumont Bulls football team of Beaumont, Texas has been involved in a roller coaster of gaining and losing support from league officials after choosing to kneel as a showing of solidarity against police brutality. 

Body Cam Footage Released Of Police Detaining Iowa Football Player

By now, stories of Pokemon Go players ending up in all kinds of awkward situations have surfaced, including strolls through mine fields and discovering dead bodies. But a University of Iowa football player recently found himself “”with four gun barrels staring me in the face,” according to his Facebook account of the experience. Body cam footage has now been released to verify his experience, according to ABC. 

7 Facts You Need to Know About the Mizzou Protests

Last week, mainstream news outlets erupted with stories about student protests at the University of Missouri. The University was founded in 1839 but didn’t admit Black students until 1950 when the University was “fully integrated.” Today, the roughly 35,000 students have found themselves at the center of a major push for cultural and administrative change on campus following reports of racism toward Black students on the main, predominantly white Columbia campus. Here are some of th key facts you need to know.