Roy G. Whiz Redux

One of the greatest phrases I’ve learned in graduate school is “not being bound by the text.”  Essentially, the term serves as a euphemism –and excuse–for not reading the assignment while simultaneously validating whatever jargon-soaked comment(s)  one might offer during class discussion, because the folks who read have had their thinking narrowed by the words one was supposed to read.  I am not bound by Tyler Perry’s cinematic rendering of For Colored Girls.

Early projections indicate that For Colored Girls will finish third in the box office race for the weekend of Nov. 5.  I am not one of the people who helped the film earn an estimated $22 million.  As a postscript to last week’s blog, I stated without a hint of equivocation that I had no intention of paying for a ticket to see Perry’s latest movie.   Since the only color that counts is green, I understood purchasing a ticket as an act that would be interpreted as one of support for Tyler Perry and his work.  How else can we adequately explain Perry’s role as director of such a project when nothing in his oeuvre even remotely suggests that he has the capacity to execute Ntozake Shange’s phenomenal work with a modicum of respect?  Moreover, movie revenues are not reported with asterisks indicating which dollars came from folks who saw the film in question to (negatively) critique it.  No scathing blog or movie review can counteract the $9.75 + snacks one spent to see Tyler Perry’s latest cinematic disaster effort.  I’ll put my recession dollars in someone else’s pocket.