Million Student March Organizer Schools Fox’s Neil Cavuto on Free College

After last Wednesday’s Million Student March demonstrations on college campuses across the country, Fox News host Neil Cavuto invited student organizer Darletta Scruggs on his show to discuss the main points of the actions, which are free college, cancellation of student loan debt, mandatory $15 minimum hourly wage for all campus workers, and divestment from private prisons by all colleges and universities. While Cavuto attempted to over talk Scruggs and redirect the conversation to straw man topics like tax increases and international affairs, Ms. Scruggs stayed on topic and literally schooled him on why free college should be a priority right now.

Writer advocates for inclusive holiday figure, Fox News reassures us that both Jesus & Santa are White


white santa

Earlier this week, writer Aisha Harris composed an essay asking for a more inclusive and culturally sensitive Christmas holiday figure.  Harris argued that the image of Santa Claus as a jolly, fat white man propagates the idea of whiteness as a default category, and suggested that he be replaced with a penguin.

Of course Fox News got wind of this story and had to be, well, Fox News. Anchor Megyn Kelly not only reassured folks that Santa and Jesus were white, but went on to address the “discomfort” felt by minorities due to the “truth.”

Don Lemon Agrees w/ Bill O’Reilly; Launches His Own Rant Against Black Youth

Don Lemon has come under fire for expressing agreement with Bill O’Reilly’s controversial statements regarding crime in the Black community.

In fact, Lemon says Bill didn’t go far enough.

Lemon gave Black kids five suggestions for cleaning up their act: hike up your pants, finish school, stop using the n-word, take care of your communities, and don’t have children out of wedlock.

Fox News Contributor: Welfare and Food Stamps Make Poverty Feel ‘A Little Comfortable’

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Cavuto on Business,” contributor Charles Payne asserted that programs like welfare and food stamps can make poverty feel “a little comfortable.”

Adding that he speaks from personal experience, Payne elaborated:

From the Huffington Post:

“There’s this idea that between the food stamps and the welfare and the earned income tax credit and the child tax credit and the local programs, you know, it gets a little comfortable to be in poverty,” Payne said during a discussion on food stamp usage.

Geraldo Rivera’s Idiotic Rant: ‘Trayvon’s Hoodie Is As Responsible for His Death as George Zimmerman’

Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera is under fire after asserting that Trayvon Martin’s hoodie is as much to blame for his death as George Zimmerman, the self-appointed neighborhood watch captain who pulled the trigger.

At 8:10pm last night, Rivera sent out a tweet that said “His hoodie killed Trayvon Martin as surely as George Zimmerman.”

And he didn’t stop there, folks. Rivera took to the air and let out an offensive and totally ridiculous rant that blamed the victim rather than the perpetrator of racism and violence.

Mistaken Identity

So last week, the black blogosphere was ablaze about Fox News’ objection to rapper, Common’s appearance at the White House for an evening of poetry.  (I blame spoken word’s roach-like ability to last so long on something incredibly jacked up I must have done in a former life.)  Calling the “controversial” rapper “vile,” the right wing’s media arm made the hip-hop heads, et. al. go ballistic.  They tweeted and blogged about the lunacy of such charges, in the process proving that Fox News is more out of touch than an AT&T cell subscriber not standing next to a tower.  Although Common performed anyway, and most of the Negro section of the internet has seemed to move on, I’m taking up the issue now, not because I can’t believe the folks at the White House thought it was a good idea to invite Common to recite anything, but because I can’t really be all that mad at Fox News.  After all, aren’t people often inaccurately describing Common?  I’d like to take this blip on the pop culture radar to reiterate the fact that if one can glean any significance from Common’s appearance at the White House, it’s that he’s exactly who some of his longest and most strident fans seem to forget he is: that is, a “conscious” rapper who finds the revolution–and its purveyors– suitable for nothing but sampling and/or cameos.  Though ostensibly harmless and hardly who Fox thinks he is, Common has been confusing folks for the bulk of his career.  How mad can we be with Fox News for this latest flub?