‘Detroit’ and 10 other films about race that completely fail by centering the white gaze

By Law Ware

It should have worked.

In theory, a film about a city on edge that erupts into violence because of police brutality should inspire conversations and think pieces about how little things have changed in the 50 years since the incident being represented.

We could be discussing how the film shows the historical seeds of contemporary Detroit’s faltering public school system and city infrastructure. We should be discussing black victims of police violence. Instead, we have a film that caters to white viewers while it treats black pain as if it were torture porn, which some are calling the most irresponsible and dangerous movie of the year.

Nah, son.

Common Surprises Compton Youth Choir With “Glory” Performance

Common has been working to improve lives in black communities for years now, especially in his native Chicago. But, whether it be in a small town or a big city, we’re all connected, which is why his latest outreach led him to Compton, CA.

“Glory,” the song Common collaborated with John Legend on for Selma, has received critical acclaim and is working its way into choirs all over the country, including the youth choir at Greater Zion Church in Compton, CA. In collaboration with President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, Common surprised the youth choir during rehearsal to perform his verse and drop some kind words of wisdom.