Hickory Ridge High School student banned from own graduation over dress code violation

Back in my day, school dress code violations were meant to keep us from wearing jeans that were either big enough to swallow us whole or so tight that you spent 10 minutes taking them off. Today, they’re apparently meant to keep students from attending their own graduation. NBC Charlotte reports that a senior at Hickory Ridge High School, only identified as Summer, won’t be able to attend her own graduation because of a dress code violation that’s been mishandled from the start. 

Rahm Emanuel Chicago

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Proposes New Graduation Requirements For CPS

As a mayor, Rahm Emanuel is often criticized for his approach to solving Chicago’s problems. His proposal on increasing CPS graduation rates was no different.

The plan in question calls for CPS students to not be allowed to graduate until they offer some evidence that their next step in life is planned out. This evidence would come in the form of a college acceptance letter, a job offer or even acceptance into the military.

High School Student Escorted Out Of Graduation For Wearing Kente Cloth

Far too many children are having life-long memories either taken away or ruined for nothing else than being themselves. Whether it be because of a poem, a goatee or a kente cloth, this is getting far out of hand.

Nyree Holmes was set to participate in graduation from Cosumnes Oaks High School in Elk Grove, California. However, the school had a strict graduation dress code which only included caps, gowns and any cords or medals to commemorate academic awards received. 

Principal Responds To Email Criticizing Graduation Procedures After Student Is Killed

Myneisha Johnson was tragically killed a week before her graduation from Booker T. Washington High School in Memphis. To honor the young woman’s hard work, the school allowed her grandmother and 1-year-old son to accept her diploma.

This is usually seen as a touching honor – something similar happened with a friend when I was in college – but apparently it doesn’t sit well with everyone. The school’s Principal Alisha Coleman-Kiner shared an email exchange that she had with a concerned citizen about the message it sends, according to FOX13.

Black Valedictorian Not Allowed To Walk At Graduation Due To Facial Hair

Almost by definition, teenagers rebel against authority and test rules whenever possible. While they may seem upset when they’re punished, deep down they know they did something they weren’t supposed to. But what happens when they’re punished for a rule that was never enforced?

Andrew Jones was a graduating senior at Amite High School in Amite, LA. Actually, he was the valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA, according to WWLTV. Yet, he wasn’t able to walk in his graduation.

Father Sees His Son Graduate After Being Wrongfully Imprisoned For 22 Years

For 22 years, Eddie Bolden served time in an Illinois prison for a murder he didn’t commit. As a result, he missed many moments in the lives of both of his sons, Antonio Johnson, 24, and Dominique Bolden, 21, but filled the void as best he could given his circumstances.

Fortunately, Bolden was released in time to see Dominique graduate from Goshen College this past Sunday through the tears of pride that filled his eyes.