Tyquan Brehon Has Been “Stopped and Frisked” Over 60 TIMES!

The New York Times recently spoke with  Tyquan Brehon, a young, African American resident of Brooklyn who has been stopped over 60 times under the NYPD’s oppressive “Stop and Frisk” program.

Brehon discusses the senselessness of these stops, and the standard reaction from many of these officers when the motivation behind a particular stop is questioned.

From NewsOne:

“‘Most of the times I get stopped, I’m walking down the block,’ he says. ‘They never say, ‘This is why I’m stopping you.’ When you’re young and you’re Black, no matter how you look, you fit the description.’

What’s the proper resonse to, “Can I holla at you?”

I was walking down State Street yesterday during the afternoon and was happy to not be on the receiving end of the “can I holla at you” line. Unfortunately however, another girl was subject to the attention from three different guys in less than one block. It had me wondering, what is the proper answer to, “can I holla at you?” If you say no, as I sometimes do, they call you a bitch. If you keep walking and ignore them, they call you a bitch or go on about how you’re rude. But I’ve genuinely never seen a girl actually respond yes to what I consider a silly question.