Shawty Lo Wants You to Sign A Petition to Get ‘All My Babies Mommas’ Back On The Air

Rapper Shawty Lo ignited a firestorm of controversy when it was announced that his reality show – “All My Babies Mommas” – had been picked up by cable network Oxygen.

Many in the community found the show’s premise disgraceful, exploitative, and stereotypical. A petition was launched demanding that the show be canceled; Oxygen soon announced that they would not be airing the program.

Well, Shawty Lo is none too please.

So he’s launched a petition of his own, calling on Oxygen to air the controversial show.

Lauryn Hill Changed A Generation

By Robert Lee Mitchell III


Lauryn Hill recently pleaded guilty to tax evasion last June. She claimed she didn’t pay her taxes because she went “underground.” Let’s take a look back at the woman who changed a generation.


In 1998, Hill’s solo debut album was released to critical acclaim. To date, the album has sold over 19 million copies and was nominated for 10 Grammys of which Hill took home 5 in 1999. This feat is remarkable because Hill, a young black woman, was an unwed mother. In an era when black women were seen as video vixens or welfare queens, Hill showed us that despite the negative tropes, a black mother’s love could endure society’s attacks. Instead of hanging her head in shame and apologizing for Zion’s conception, Hill sung a love letter to him.  In the song “To Zion,” Hill pushes back against the salient advice her peers gave her in a poetically aggressive way:


“Woe this crazy circumstance / I knew his life deserved a chance / But everybody told me to be smart. /  ‘Look at your career,’ they said. /  ‘Lauryn, baby, use your head.’ / But instead I chose to use my heart.”


Lauryn Hill was special. She was an actress, a singer, a songwriter, and even a rapper. Her voice, a voice that only pain and experience can give one, told the story that so many of us were living to hear. Love was exceptional, love was rare, love was fleeting, and love was worth the chase.

After Fierce Online Backlash, Shawty Lo’s ‘All My Babies Mommas’ Has Been CANCELED

Shawty Lo’s controversial reality show “All My Babies Mommas” has reportedly been canceled before seeing any airtime.

The decision to give the show the axe was made largely because of widespread backlash and outcry online.

From YBF:

After defending the show once it started the very short lived publicity campaign, the Oxygen network has put the kibosh on ATL drug honcho turned rapper Shawty Lo’s made-for-foolywang “All My Babies’ Mamas.” 

Destiny’s Child To Reunite At The Super Bowl?!

According to MTV News, Beyonce will reunite with Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland at the Super Bowl.

Yep, Destiny’s Child will reportedly take the stage together for the first time in almost seven years!

The ladies will run through a medley of their indellible hits, culminating in new single “Nuclear.”

Rapper Shawty Lo and His 10 Baby Mommas To Star in New Reality Show

A new reality tv show will focus on the lives of Shawty Lo and his ten baby mommas; with whom he has eleven kids.

The show is supposed to detail the constant drama of ten women vying for the attention of Lo, who also has a girlfriend the same age as his oldest children.

Set to air on Oxygen next year, many are calling it a new low for reality tv.

Violence vs. Apathy

By Javonna Hines





I attend Temple University in Philadelphia, and almost every time I mention that I am from Chicago I get 2 questions: “Do you know Chief Keef?” and “Have you ever been shot?”

Public Enemy, Donna Summer Among 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

The Rock Hall of Fame has announced 2013’s inductees; among them, Public Enemy and Donna Summer.

Donna Summer, hailed as the Queen of Disco, passed away this past May. She leaves behind an incredible legacy as a singer-songwriter that truly defined an era.

Widely hailed as the greatest and most influential rap group ever, Public Enemy is only the 4th Hip Hop act ever inducted into the Rock Hall.