Jasmine Thar Case Draws Comparisons to Trayvon Martin; Why Hasn’t Her Killer Been Charged?

Last December, 16 year-old Jasmine Thar was visiting family in North Carolina when a single bullet struck her, as well as her aunt and cousin. While the other two women survived, Jasmine died from her injuries.

The shooter, James Anthony Blackwell, lived across the street. He claimed his 700 model Remington rifle went off by accident. The local police believed him, and Blackwell was released without any charges being filed against him.

Thar’s family is outraged that Blackwell has not been charged. They point to the implausibility of a single bullet, fired by accident, going through a window and hitting three different people; as well as the fact that Blackwell, a white man, had confederate flags and Nazi readings and memorabilia in his bedroom, as proof that there might have been a far more sinister motive behind the shooting.