On Kim Burrell and why ‘theological violence’ has no place in Black Liberation

By: George M. Johnson

No one is free unless the black Trans woman is free.

I imagine these are the words that will ring out of the mouths of every preacher and Black person in this nation when we finally reach the day of liberation.  A day that will likely never come in my lifetime, as the battle between the “Church” and “State of the LGBTQ” continue to be at odds over who is acceptable in the eyes of man and God.  This week, has brought out the some of the worst in people, as two pivotal leaders of the Black church and gospel music community have continued theological warfare on a community that is “tired, weak and worn” – to quote the classic hymn “Take My Hand, Precious Lord.”

Frank Ocean Posts Thoughts On Homophobia, Orlando and Religion

The world’s been clamoring for some kind of output from Frank Ocean after he shocked the world with Channel Orange, his debut album which also included his coming out as bisexual. And while the past four years haven’t seen much on the side of music, he’s still found a way to share his thoughts on society. (We still want the music though, Frank. Just sayin’…)

In his latest Tumblr post, Frank Ocean wrote a short essay to provide some insight into his thoughts on homophobia, both domestic and abroad, and the shooting in Orlando’s Pulse nightclub. Read it in full below.

Michael Sam’s Experience With Racism In the Gay Community Isn’t Surprising

I remember the first time I experienced anti-Blackness from a White gay male. In conversation, I mentioned liking watermelon. He then responded to me, “Jenn, c’mon. You like watermelon?” Not sure what he was getting at (and being a little naive), I responded, “yeah. What’s wrong with that?” He then responded with a smile, “do you like fried chicken too?” Getting the gist of where he was going, I realized he thought it was cool to joke with me about anti-Black stereotypes because he, too, was from a marginalized community. For years, I endured what can only be described as anti-Blackness from him that was downplayed as “fun” between friends.

My experience isn’t unique.

Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler Photo Shoot Reveals Frailty Of Black Masculinity

Rcently, Michael B. Jordan’s and Ryan Coogler’s friendship gained a place in the public eye it didn’t have before. All because of a photo.

They’re two talented young black men working together to excel in the film industry. Their collaborations have given us great works such as Fruitvale Station and Creed and should lead to more in the future.

White House To Screen BET Documentary On Homophobia In Black Churches

Christianity has been a crutch of the black community for centuries now as it sheltered people from the troubles of the outside world and served as a community center. Homosexuality has been a part of humanity for much longer. However, the two have seem to conflict when brought together.

A BET documentary entitled “Holler If You Hear Me: Black and Gay In the Church” focused on the place, or lack thereof, of homosexuality specifically in black churches. The Clay Cane-produced documentary will be screened in the White House for Black History Month, according to MSNBC.