Nick Cannon Visits D.C. Jail For Weekly Howard Coursework

The historically Black, Washington D.C. located Howard University has been the home to celebrities ever since it opened its doors in the mid-19th century – including celebrities who enrolled in classes after reaching the height of their celebrity. The latest to do so is none other than actor and television host Nick Cannon.

Cannon has been noticeably more public with his support for social activism and the Black Lives Matter movement in recent months and he’s now working to educate himself so that he can do it the best way for all parties.

Howard University To Auction Last Black-Owned Broadcast Station

Black-owned broadcast stations have been endangered and on the brink of extinction for so long that many of us may have let it slip our minds. For 35 years, Howard University’s WHUT station has been the last remaining. But the Federal Communications Commission has announced plans to auction off the property for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Obama Tells Howard University Graduates To Be Confident In Their Blackness

President Barack Obama is on the last leg of his presidency much to the collective cheers and tears from people on either side of U.S. politics. So, for the last time, he’s giving a handful of commencement addresses to graduating college students as the sitting president.

One of his last stops was Howard University, where he spoke to students about their future as both individuals and Americans. 

LinkedIn Names Howard University A Top School For Media Professionals

The college that a student chooses to go to is only half of the battle when it comes to getting a job upon graduation. Another important part is picking the right program at the right school. To help with these sometimes overwhelming decisions, LinkedIn has provided a list of the best undergraduate universities for various career fields.

And as far as job placement for media professionals is concerned, Howard University is considered to be the fourth best in the entire country. Howard is the only HBCU to make the list of 25. 

Howard Students Protest On Behalf Of Sexual Assault Survivors

Sexual assault on college campuses is a rampant issue across the country. But the way these issues are handled on campus – by school officials, faculty and students, alike – is just as concerning.

After a Howard University student came out on social media and said she was raped by another student, students took to Twitter and scheduled a public protest where they would stand around a dorm and chant “No means No!”