Poll: Young adults divided on immigration, border control

By: Associated Press

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Young Hispanics, Asian-Americans and African-Americans are much more likely to trust Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump to deal with immigrants living in the United States illegally. But young whites tend to trust Trump more on issues related to illegal immigration, including securing the border.

Among young people overall, 47 percent say they think Trump would better handle securing the border, 26 percent say Clinton would, and 18 percent say neither would.

Activist turn ‘Catch an Illegal’ game into rally about immigration reform



What was supposed to be a planned “game,” turned into a full out immigration reform rally on Wednesday. Earlier this week, a chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas planned to play “Catch an Illegal Immigrant.”  The University of Texas at Austin quickly put an end to the game, canceling it and finding it in violation of school policy.

President Obama To Make Major Immigration Announcement Next Week

During a visit to Nevada next week, President Obama will discuss immigration reform.

Making up 10% of the electorate for the first time in history, Latinos voted overwhelmingly for Obama last November. He garnered 75% of the Latino vote (compared to 57% in 2008), despite the fact that his administration has record deportation numbers.

Obama claims that immigration reform is his top priority:

America's "News" Media War, and how to not be a casualty…

Our country is facing some serious problems. From high unemployment and Wall Street thievery, to divisive squabbles over social issues like gay rights, immigration reform and abortion, it’s easy to see ourselves as a country at war with itself.

But if you ask me, the biggest problem we face as a nation is our downright pitiful dialogue about these very issues, largely a result of the terrible state of news media in this country.

We are not at war; but the media really wants us to be.

Razing Arizona

I guess I have to start protesting Arizona, née Mexico, which sucks because I’m totally not into marching, making colorful signs, or shouting rhymes in unison with a bunch of people.  I suppose, then, that I have to resort to other means of expressing my disapproval.  At first I thought I’d boycott  U.S. Airways, an Arizona-based airline, but then I remembered that my ma’s part-time job is with them.  Besides, if I aim to show up at my sister’s broom jumping events in North Carolina next month, I’m going to need Brenda’s buddy pass hook-up.  So then I thought I’d stop drinking Arizona iced tea,  until I recalled that several years ago I wrote Arizona a letter about the plantation imagery on their sweet tea cans.  Despite the eloquence of my letter they never sent me any free tea.  I only drink water now, anyway, and a wiki search reveals that Arizona brand tea isn’t even made in Arizona, née Mexico.  (New York City!)  Of course, I could root against Los Suns during the NBA Western Conference Finals, but doing so would mean that I would cheer for the Lakers.  But frankly, who’s willing to implicitly support Kobe Bean Bryant in an effort to express one’s solidarity with a bunch of immigrants one doesn’t even know?   I know.  What a totally crazy idea.

SB 1070 and MLB’s Responsibility

I’ll be honest; I was not concerned with the immorality of Arizona’s SB 1070 before protests began popping up nationally and what was a state issue took a national audience.  Groups of concerned citizens have started to call for boycotts of Major League Baseball’s Arizona Diamondbacks. Protesters have followed the Diamondbacks to Colorado and even Chicago. MLB players and Chicago White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen have issued statements detailing their boycott of the 2011 MLB All-Star Weekend which is scheduled to be held in Phoenix. The Diamondbacks have become the Traveling SB 1070 Road Show while the Phoenix Suns are quietly protesting the law in the NBA Playoffs by wearing “Los Suns” jerseys.

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Monday Morning (Mc)Nuggets

So much has happened since the late time I blogged, I figure I’d write a little blurb about everything.

Just Wrong. Common and Queen Latifah are starring in a new movie.  I want to shoot myself.  It looks terrible.  I officially hate them both. So much that I want to pull a C. Delores Tucker and declare war on them.  Does anyone have a spare bulldozer?  I have some CDs to destroy.  Just Wright beats the idea of a Why Did I Get Married trilogy, I guess.  And neither Common nor Queen Latifah have starred in a Tyler Perry flick.  Let me re-think my position.  Wait a minute.  I just remembered Bringing Down the House and Common’s GAP commercials.  Nevermind.