Homeless Teen’s Online Campaign Funds His Enrollment at Howard University!

Homeless 19-year old James Ward will attend Howard University this fall after soliciting online donations to his college fund.

Ward has been homeless since the age of 14, moving from place to place with his siblings and mother. They’ve even lived in his mother’s car for long spells.

After launching a campaign online called “Homeless to Howard) just a few days ago, his story spread like wildfire.

Hospital Reverses Decision to Deny Dying 15-Year Old Heart Transplant

On Monday, we told you about Anthony Stokes, a 15-year old denied a heart transplant because of his run-ins with law enforcement and low grades.

Well after a media backlash, the children’s Hospital in Atlanta that denied Stokes have reversed their decision.

Anthony Stokes will now be first in line for the procedure because of the severely weakened state of his heart.

Don Lemon and Media Violence Against Young Black Men

By Antwaun Sargent



I have watched the Don Lemon CNN “No Talking Points,” segment over and over again. I was looking for some truth in his five suggestions to young black men. Don Lemon said, we should pull up our pants, stop using the n-word, stop littering, finish school, and not have children out of wedlock.


I have by Don Lemon’s estimation done all the right things. I am a 24 year old black man. I don’t sag my pants. I went to Georgetown from the Cabrini-Green Housing projects and then on to get a Masters degree, and recently just finished teaching for two years in an under resourced community in Brooklyn. I don’t litter, and I don’t have any children. But I do feel alienated by Don Lemon’s comments. I feel alienated by his comments because they translate into a form of media violence, that Black men know all too well.