Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend harassed on Twitter because she’s black




Twilight fans have crossed the line after some of them took to Twitter to harass Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend because she is black.

FKA Twigs, whose real name is Tahliah Barnett, is a rising pop star. Her videos and music symbolize empowerment. But unfortunately her musical talent is not why she has been getting a lot of attention lately. 

Taye Diggs denies comments slandering black women


While Best Man Holiday continues to enjoy success at the box office, one of the film’s leading characters has found himself in a swirl of controversy. Taye Diggs was the talk of social media after Cream BMP, a satirical publication, released a story that included the following comments allegedly from Diggs:

“I’m just saying the last black woman I was with name Stella” TMZ caught up with actor Taye Diggs to question him on how it felt to be back on the big screen. Let’s just say its not a stereotype that black women are less submissive and harder to deal with. Being around all them black women made me really miss my wife” Stumbling out of a New York bar fresh off a world wind press tour in Los Angeles with wife Idina Menzel in tow Taye spoke briefly on the cast and breakaway success of ‘The Best Man Holiday’. Somebody will be upset and say i got rich and deserted my female people; No offense, but the only black woman I ever loved is my mama.” – Taye Diggs This should come as no surprise as Mr. Diggs spoke briefly on his mother always knowing he’d marry a white girl on a radio talk show back in 2011.

Is the world ready for a gay action hero? Lee Daniels thinks so

Still reveling in the success of “The Butler,” Director Lee Daniels is now looking to make a new movie featuring gay superheroes.

He’s tapped Magic Mike actor Alex Pettyfer to star as one-half of a gay interracial action hero couple.

From Out:

 According to Daniels, think of it as a gay “Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but the two good-looking guys as the action heroes.” The twist? “We don’t find out they’re gay until the end of the movie,” he explains.

Can a Black Name Affect Your Dating Life?

In January, I posed the controversial question, “What is the effect of a ‘black’ name in America?” I explained the effect that “black” names can have on job searches, finding that black named applicants wait an average of 15 weeks to find a job while white named applicants wait 10. I now question the effect of stereotypically black names on other aspects of life such as dating.

REPORT: 1 in 12 US Marriages Are Interracial

According to a recent report, 1 in 12 marriages are interracial in America. That’s about 4.8 millions Americans who have married outside of their race.

And while that accounts for only 8.2 percent of all marriages, it’s a fairly large increase since 1980, when only 3.2 percent of marriages were interracial.

While Asians and Hispanics are more likely to marry outside of their race, African Americans have seen the largest increase in interracial marriage. Experts attribute that to a rising Black middle class that exposes African Americans to other races.

Additionally, studies showed that Black men are more than twice as likely to date outside of their race than Black women.