Chicago Teen Dies From Asthma Attack After Witnessing Shooting

Jessica Williams, 16, was at a birthday celebration for her late cousin who was killed in 2012. After an altercation at the event, allegedly over a parking space, four people were shot and two of them died from their wounds.

According to DNA Info, Williams, who was heading into her sophomore year at Chicago Vocational Career Academy, reportedly began to have an asthma attack after running from the fatal shooting. She later died from the attack.

‘2 Dope Queens’ Produce A Podcast About Being Exactly That

I recently wrote a list of 10 wonderful podcasts that are mostly hosted by black people and speak about a number of topics from a black perspective. After it went live, I was put on to plenty more worth checking out, so expect another post in the near future. One of the additions to that next list will likely be a podcast called “2 Dope Queens.”