Today in Post-Race History: Hush

Gwyneth Paltrow’s little foray into the touchy words lexicon is not the latest instance for public discussion about the word nigga/nigger. In case you missed it, last week Paltrow tweeted a picture of herself and friends live from Jigga and Kanye’s Watch the Throne Tour Paris stop along with the message, “Ni**as [because the G’s carry all of the offense, I suppose] in Paris, @mrteriusnash (the dream) tyty, beehigh.” Folks took issue. Paltrow responded with, “Hold up. That’s the title of the song!” and kept it moving. She didn’t remove the tweet, and didn’t apologize.

Initially, The-Dream pretended like he tweeted the message from Paltrow’s phone, only to later admit that he had done no such thing. The-Dream said he claimed responsibility for the tweet because he knew that responses to it would be “silly.” Strangely, I agree with The-Dream (oh my god what is happening to me!?) and appreciate Paltrow’s decision to let what she said stand. Responses were, indeed, silly.