LAPD Will Not Help Donald Trump Deport Immigrants

Donald Trump galvanized millions of voters in America behind his promise to not only build a wall along the US-Mexico border, but to deport millions of undocumented citizens as well. However, those plans have hit the first of a suspected many snags to come.

The Los Angeles Police Department has declared that they won’t play a part in assisting President-elect Trump’s efforts to deport any immigrants within their jurisdiction, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Unarmed black man Ezell Ford fatally shot by police

According to family members, a 25-year-old man was complying with police orders when he was fatally shot by LAPD officers in the Florence neighborhood South Los Angeles.

Officers responded to a report of a possible officer-involved shooting at the intersection of West 65th Street and South Broadway late Monday evening. 

Police officer charged for assaulting woman before she died


A LAPD officer has been charged with assault for kicking a handcuffed woman seven times in the abdomen, upper thigh and stomach before she lost consciousness and died.

Officer Mary O’Callaghan was found by prosecutors to have used unnecessary force when arresting Alesia Thomas.

Thomas, a drug abuser resisted arrest and struggled with O’Callaghan and other officers who went to her home after she left her children outside a police station.