Judge signs $41 million Central Park Five settlement



On Friday, a federal court judge officially closed the Central Park Five case after signing off on the wrongfully-convicted quintet’s $41 million settlement with the city.

The deal was described as “an act of justice for those five men that is long overdue” by Mayor de Blasio, according to a statement released after the filing. 

BYP Memo: What Young People Think About the Affordable Care Act


affordable care act

Next week, the first round of open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will close until October. Policymakers and pundits have speculated about how young people will respond to the ACA general, and the individual mandate in particular. The success of the ACA depends in part on the willingness of young people to either sign up for health coverage, or pay the penalty. We are one of the few organizations to collect data from a nationally representative sample of young people to investigate what young people really think about the ACA.

Hundreds Rally in Philly School District HQs for More Funding

Hundreds of students, teachers, and parents have gathered at the Philadelphia School District headquarters, demanding more funding for jobs and programs.

Many schools will open this year without counselors, administrative staff, nurses, or librarians.

The city has allocated just $50 million to open schools, but important positions and programs will be empty.

Michael Bloomberg Says He Might Feel Differently About Stop and Frisk If He Had a Son

In a recent interview, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg admitted that he might feel differently about the NYPD’s controversial Stop and Frisk policy if he had a son.

“If I had a son who was stopped, I might feel differently about it, but nevertheless,” Bloomberg said. “Maybe I was inelegant, but I don’t think anybody thinks I am anything but—I hope not, anyway—supportive of trying to help all people. With my own money as well as time, thank you very much. I’ve spent yearss of my life doing this.”

Shooting Along CPS “Safe Route” Leaves 5 Injured

Five people were wounded – four critically – in a shooting in Uptown along a CPS safe passage route.

The shooting occurred around 6pm along the route where students displaced by the closing of Steward  School will travel to Brenneman Elementary this fall.

From DNA Info:

Before the CPS board voted to close Stewart, a hearing officer recommended that the school stay open. Neighborhood parents and activists also said they feared violent clashes between students — or on the streets of Uptown.

Sybrina Fulton – Mother of Trayvon Martin – Speaks Out on ‘Stop and Frisk’ Policy

Sybrina Fulton – mother of Trayvon Martin – spoke out on NYC’s controversial Stop and Frisk policy yesterday.

Appearing on Meet the Press, Fulton asserted that no one should be stopped by civilians or police officers based off of their race.

From the Huffington Post:

“You can’t give people the authority, whether civilian or police officers the right to just stop somebody because of the color of their skin,” Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Talib Kweli Visits the Dream Defenders: “History tells us nothing moves without young people being involved”

The Dream Defenders recently received a visit from Hip Hop artist Talib Kweli.

Kweli joined the protesters as they’re sit-in at the Florida Capitol moves into its 5th week.

At a press conference, Kweli discussed the importance of young people being at the forefront of this and any other meaningful movement for change.

The Nation: From the Deep South to the Midwest, a Generation Demands Justice

A recent article over at The Nation shines a light on how young people from across the country are uniting, organizing, and demanding justice.

Among those featured are our very own Black Youth Project 100 – 100 young black activists from across the country convened by the Black Youth Project to mobilize communities of color beyond electoral politics.

BYP100 member Rahiel Tesfamariam eloquently explained the collective’s formation and mission: