Rick Ross Samples Rachel Jeantel in New Song

Rick Ross’ latest song expresses his outrage over the George Zimmerman verdict – even sampling Rachel Jeantel’s testimony.

“I Wonder Why” features Jeantel’s controversial use of the phrase “creepy ass cracker” towards the end of the song.

Rick Ross says it himself during the song:

“Now I’m being followed by some creepy-ass cracker/

Now I’m being followed by some creepy-ass cracker/

Stand your ground, stand your ground/

Stand your ground, you gotta stand your ground.”

Don Lemon and Media Violence Against Young Black Men

By Antwaun Sargent



I have watched the Don Lemon CNN “No Talking Points,” segment over and over again. I was looking for some truth in his five suggestions to young black men. Don Lemon said, we should pull up our pants, stop using the n-word, stop littering, finish school, and not have children out of wedlock.


I have by Don Lemon’s estimation done all the right things. I am a 24 year old black man. I don’t sag my pants. I went to Georgetown from the Cabrini-Green Housing projects and then on to get a Masters degree, and recently just finished teaching for two years in an under resourced community in Brooklyn. I don’t litter, and I don’t have any children. But I do feel alienated by Don Lemon’s comments. I feel alienated by his comments because they translate into a form of media violence, that Black men know all too well.

27-Year Old Activist Stopped, Forced to the Ground by Sanford Police

The Sanford, Florida police department is once again making headlines after stopping and forcing 27-year old activist Traymon Williams out of his car and onto the ground.

Traymon was driving with his girlfriend and younger brother and had done absolutely nothing wrong. The Police allegedly thought he was a burglar.

Howvever, Williams may have been targeted. He was a prominent voice calling for justice for Trayvon Martin; he’d appeared in major news outlets like the Grio and the MSNBC.