More offensive ’12 Years a Slave’ headlines


Earlier this week, we reported on a few controversial headlines announcing 12 Years a Slave’s major Oscar win at the 86th Annual Academy Awards. It appears that the Denver Post and the News-Gazette are in company.

The Daily Breeze posted the following headline the day after the ceremony. “Slave’ becomes master.” So tasteful.

Variety tweeted: “Slave” Actress Lupita Nyong’o Wins Oscar in Film Debut.”


Maybe people were so overcome with emotion for the film and its actors that they lost all ability to think clearly.

Thoughts on these headlines?

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Are we fetishizing Lupita Nyong’o?


With an Oscar win under her belt, Lupita Nyong’o will only rise to to top. She’s being hailed for her critically-acclaimed role in 12 Years a Slave, her remarkable beauty and style and her down-to-earth charm.

But is the media fetishizing Lupita Nyong’o? One blogger thinks so. In her ope-ed piece published on The Motley Crew’s Cherish refers to coverage of Lupita as “fad-like.” 

Video: Piers Morgan ‘sensationalizes’ interview with trans activist, author Janet Mock


Yesterday, trans activist and author Janet Mock appeared on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Live” to talk about her new memoir “Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More.”

Instead of the interview exploring the details of the book, Morgan focused more on Mock’s physical transition, a move that has critics accusing the host of sensationalizing Mock’s story. 

Man says he wasn’t a victim of ‘Knockout’ game because it’s just a media fabrication


A victim of “Knockout,” a violent game where an unsuspecting person is sucker-punched by an assailant in hopes of knocking them out with one blow says the trend is nothing more than a media fabrication.

In October 2012, James Addlespurger, a Pittsburgh teacher, was struck in the back of the head so hard that he instantly blacked out and fell face first into the pavement.

Despite that and other incidents of similar attacks occurring, Addlespurger contends that he was no victim of the so-called “Knockout” game.

Is Sharing Really Caring?

Exploitation is at its finest nowadays.

We often don’t think twice about the videos and images we share and comment on once they’re posted. We get our laughs, get our views, likes, or follows and afterwards carry on as if nothing questionable happened.

But what if it’s YOUR  image? Your picture might be floating around on the internet, being shared by complete strangers with captions and edits for shock or laughs. But we never think that it could be us on the other side of the screen being the subject of everyone’s ridicule.

Chilli launches petition against cyber-bullying amid charges on her son’s sexuality


TLC member Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas has launched a petition against and other reporting entities to leave children of celebrities alone. The petition comes on the heels of an article written about the star’s son.

The article referenced Chilli’s son Tron, questioning the child’s sexuality. Thomas took the to create the petition.

Kanye West & Black Self Love


Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare”- Audre Lorde.

As journalists, bloggers, and online media haters salivate at the chance to discredit Kanye’s contributions to music, fashion, and society by minimizing his body of work to pure narcissistic drivel, he continues to redefine what Black self-love looks like in public spaces.

Populist Messenger

From the early days of the College Dropout to the bombastic Yeezus album, Kanye has spewed a kind of populist politics that is far too often overlooked or oversimplified due to his dandyism (which I will touch on later) or his brashness. Early on in his career, he addressed the trajectory of Black youth who were faced with institutionalized oppression and real world responsibilities at a young age:

Is the world ready for a gay action hero? Lee Daniels thinks so

Still reveling in the success of “The Butler,” Director Lee Daniels is now looking to make a new movie featuring gay superheroes.

He’s tapped Magic Mike actor Alex Pettyfer to star as one-half of a gay interracial action hero couple.

From Out:

 According to Daniels, think of it as a gay “Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but the two good-looking guys as the action heroes.” The twist? “We don’t find out they’re gay until the end of the movie,” he explains.