Oprah on Jay Z-Belafonte Beef: ‘There Are Multiple Ways to Protest’

Oprah recently weighed in on the recent dust-up between Jay Z and Harry Belafonte.

After Jay was criticized by Belafonte for not being more politically engaged, Jay Z responded with lyrics that many found very disrespectful:

I’m just trying to find common ground/’fore Mr. Belafonte come and chop a n*gga down/Mr. Day O, major fail/Respect these youngins boy, it’s my time now.

According to Oprah, a generational gap is at the heart of their disagreement, but both of them are protesting in their own way.

Kendrick Lamar Astounds, Calls Out EVERYONE on Big Sean’s ‘Control’

Acclaimed emcee Kendrick Lamar dropped one of the most astounding rap verses in recent memory yesterday, igniting a frenzy on twitter that has yet to die down.

The verse – featured on Big Sean’s “Control” – is an epic, 3 minute-long tirade against his Hip Hop competitors.

And he didn’t throw subliminals either; Lamar called out practically every big name in Hip Hop by name, challenging them to step their game up.

Chris Brown Says ‘Stress,’ ‘Non-stop Negativity’ Caused Seizure

Pop star Chris Brown suffered a seizure early Friday due to “emotional stress” and “nonstop negativity,” according to a rep for the singer.


From The Los Angeles Times:


“His doctor tended to him this afternoon and attributes the NES to intense fatigue and extreme emotional stress, both due to the continued onslaught of unfounded legal matters and the nonstop negativity,” his rep said in a statement.

Jason Collins – NBA’s First Active, Openly Gay Player – May Get Signed

Openly gay, NBA free agent Jason Collins may have a new home after reports of the Detroit Pistons expressing interest in the journeyman have surfaced.


Collins made headlines in April after coming out as the first openly gay athlete in any of the four major U.S. sports leagues.


From USA Today:


Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars doesn’t comment on potential free agent targets until after they sign with the Pistons, but Dumars said last week that the Pistons do have a roster spot open and could be looking for a big man.

Student Faces Jail Time After Threatening School Shooting in Joke Tumblr Post

20-year old former Georgia Southern student has been in jail for 6 months after threatening to shoot up his school in a satirical Tumblr post.

Caleb Clemmons – a high-achieving, scholarship student – posting the following back in February:

“hello. my name is irenigg and i plan on shooting up georgia southern. pass this around to see the affect it has. to see if i get arrested.”

Clemmons had no intentions of actually bringing a gun to campus. But someone didn’t find it funny; and Caleb has been in jail ever since.

Nas Raises $29,000 for Homeless Family

Who says emcees aren’t activists?

While many of us are keeping an eye out for the conclusion of the Jay Z-Belafonte beef, Nas used his profile to bring a little goodwill to a family down on their luck.

After seeing a story about a family who had lost their home to a fire, Nas took to Twitter to help them.

Over $29,000 was raised in less than a day!

Project NIA’s Youth-Friendly Reader About the Trayvon Martin Case

With so much information, commentary and artistic reflections out there on the Trayvon Martin case, sifting through it all can be overwhelming.

Project NIA has taken the liberty of collecting some of the most interesting and valuable of those works into a reader geared towards young people.

It’s a great resource for educating and empowering our youth in the wake of this tragedy.