VIDEO: Mos Def (Yasiin Bey) Undergoes Force-Feeding in Support of Guantánamo Hunger Strikers

Ramadan begins this evening and lasts until August.

The Obama administration has a policy of force-feeding Guantanamo Bay detainees at night, and plan to continue to do so in spite of the month-long fast.

Many Muslim leaders are calling on the administration to reconsider its tactics.

Rapper and actor Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) volunteered to appear in a short film made to shed light on the force-feeding process by undergoing that process himself.

Pro-Palestinian Organization’s Petition Calls on Alicia Keys to Cancel Israel Concert

Pro-Palestinian organization called the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation has created an online petition, calling on Alicia Keys to cancel a concert in Israel scheduled for July 4th.

They’re urging Keys to reconsider her decision, citing apartheid-like conditions endured by the Palestinian people.

So far, the petition has garnered over 15,000 signatures.

Alicia Keys WILL Perform in Israel Despite Objections from Alice Walker and Others

Last week we told you about an open letter written by Alice Walker, asking Alice Keys to cancel an upcoming show in Tel Aviv over Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

Walker was joined by Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, who penned a letter of his own, pleading with Keys not to “give legitimacy to the Israeli government policies of illegal, apartheid, occupation of the homelands of the indigenous people of Palestine.”

Keys has since responded, stating that the show will go on.

Alice Walkers Pens Letter To Alicia Keys, Asking That She Cancel Israel Concert

Singer Alicia Keys has scheduled a stop in Tel Aviv, Israel for her world tour.

The show, which is set for July 4, has garnered Keys a lot of criticism, given the state of Israel-Palestine relations.

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, Alice Walker has written Keys an open letter, requesting that she reconsider having a concert in Israel.

It reads, in part:

Rhymes & Reasons Interviews Asad Jafri About the Hip Hop Songs that Changed His Life

Rhymes & Reasons proudly presents our interview with Asad Jafri.

Rhymes & Reasons is international!

Asad Jafri, the former Director of Arts & Culture at IMAN spoke to us recently from Malaysia about songs by KRS-One, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, and Killah Priest. We rapped about history, religion, and growing up Pakistani-American in Kuwait.

 Check out the interview below!

15 Year-Old Pakistani Activist Malala Yousafzai is Back in School After Being Shot by Taliban

15 year-old Pakistani women’s rights activist Malala Yousafzai recently attended her first day of school since being shot in the head by the Taliban.

Yousafzai was targeted for assassination after publicly advocating for women’s rights and their right to receive a quality education.

The bullet nearly killed her, entering above her left eye and grazing her brain.

But she survived, and is back in school mere weeks after being released from the hospital.

POLL: Majority of Americans Support Israeli Attack on Gaza Strip; Do You?

According to a CNN/ORC poll, the majority of Americans support Israel’s military attack on the Gaza Strip.

57 percent of Americans approve of their actions; while 25 percent do not. 19 percent have no opinion.

Dozens have been killed in Gaza, and many more wounded. Three Israelis have died.

From Politico:

Dozens of people in Gaza have died as a result of the attacks, which were launched last week in response to repeated shelling from Islamic militants in the region. The operation, dubbed Pillar of Defense, began with an airstrike that killed Hamas’ chief of operations. Three Israelis have died from rocket fire.