Obama Asks Kaepernick To Consider Military Families While He Protests

Colin Kaepernick has gone to great lengths to show that while he’s protesting the National Anthem, he has great respect for members of the military and their sacrifices. Despite this, many people feel that anything but unapologetic support for all things tied to American symbolism is un-American.

While he originally supported Kaepernick’s freedom of speech, and his cause, President Barack Obama recently came out to ask the football player, and other athletes, to consider military members and families during their protest. As if they weren’t already.

Senate Confirms Eric Fanning, First Openly Gay Army Secretary

The Obama Administration is creating historic moments and stories that will be passed down for generations to come.

The newest announcement is that Eric Fanning is now the first openly gay Army secretary of the United States, which the Senate confirmed last Tuesday evening. This news comes about five years after the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” which did not allow gay and lesbian service members to talk about their sexuality publicly.

West Point Clears 16 Cadets Of “Political Expression” Violation

16 black female cadets at The United States Military Academy at West Point came under fire after a photo circulated the Internet showing them posing with their fists raised in a “black power” salute.

Some felt that they violated the military’s protocol against any form of “political expression” and were supporting Black Lives Matters protests. We at Black Youth Project weren’t among them.

Defense Secretary calls for military to review discriminatory hair policies


In response to criticism about the American military’s newly revised policies regarding hairstyles, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered the branch to review the regulations.

Hagel’s orders come on the heels of a complaint filed by 16 women of the Congressional Black Caucus, that alleges the regulations which ban large cornrows, twists and dreadlocks, discriminate against African American women. 

Family demands investigation into death of daughter in military


St. Louis native LaVena Johnson of was a bubbly, intelligent young woman who had high hopes of making an impact while serving her country. As a member of the military, Johnson served overseas in Iraq, just shortly after the U.S. embarked on the Iraq war.

Her tragic dreams were cut short when she was found dead in July of 2005, and while the United States Army ruled the death a suicide, Johnson’s family is demanding an investigation.  

What Did You Think of President Obama’s State of the Union Address?

Last night President Obama delivered a State of the Union address that’s being called “bold,” “uncompromising,” and “progressive” by pundits, and a call to “tax more, borrow more and spend more” by the GOP.

He called for government money to create jobs and strengthen the middle class, announced troop withdrawals from Afghanistan within the year, and advocated for immigration reform, gun control, and action to combat climate change.

From the HuffingtonPost.com

Jobs and growth dominated Obama’s address. Many elements of his economic blueprint were repacked proposals from his first term that failed to gain traction on Capitol Hill.