COLUMBIA, SC - JULY 18:  A member of the Ku Klux Klan gives a Nazi salute as the Klan members fly the Confederate flag during a demonstration at the state capitol building on July 18, 2015 in Columbia, South Carolina. Hundreds of people protested the demonstration as law enforcement  tried to prevent violence between the opposing groups.

Mississippi Declares April Confederate Heritage Month

In an unfortunate, yet expected turn of events, Mississippi claims its throne in the race to be the most racist state in America.

The governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, signed a proclamation that made April “Confederate Heritage Month.” This is also the state that stirred a large debate around removing the Confederate battle emblem from their state flag.

Mississippi legislators pass bill making it legal to discriminate against gays

Legislators in Mississippi have passed a bill that would allow people to use their religion to justify discrimination.

The “religious liberty” bill stalled last month, with the House voting to send it to a study committee instead of passing it. However both bodies of Congress have approved a conference report on the bill, advancing it to Gov. Phil Bryant (R). 

15-year-old suspended for suspected ‘gang signs’ in picture


A 15-year-old Mississippi high school teen was suspended after a picture of him displaying three raised fingers surfaced.

On Feb. 3, assistant principal Todd Nichols summoned Dontadrian Bruce of Olive Branch High to his office. Nichols showed Bruce a photo he had posed for during a recent biology project, and suspended him for holding up gang signs in the picture. 

Mississippi Turning?

Yesterday, it was reported that a baby born with HIV had been cured, making this only the second time in history when such an event has occurred and the first time a child has been deemed free of the viurs. The now two-year-old’s mother had not received any kind of HIV treatment or prenatal care during her pregnancy, received treatment just a day after it was born. The child received treatment for the first year. Now, at 23 months, the child has been deemed more or less cured.