Diddy Launches Revolt TV this Fall!

Rashad Smith, Rochester, New York.

Remember when we use to tune in to MTV and watch TRL, waiting on our favorite videos on the countdown?
What about Pop Up Video on VH-1, that contained informational bubbles, trivia, and sexual anecdotes that kept us intrigued… remember that?
Most certainly we cannot forget the comcial Al Shearer of BET‘s Hits from the Streets or the lovable 21st century cartoon chick, Cita from BET’s Cita World!
The early 2000’s, when video programming was in its prime, has vanished before our eyes and replaced by reality television.

Are you ready for this…. He’s bringing back REAL music video programming to television!

That’s right, Mr. Making the Band himself, Sean “Diddy” Combs, is launching Revolt T.V. this fall!

Nina Simone Documentary In The Works

The estate of Nina Simone has partnered with @radical.media to bring us the definitive documentary on the life and legacy of Nina Simone.

The project will use never-before-seen archival footage to tell her incredible story.

From NewsOne:

According to the press release, Jayson Jackson, the estate’s representative, brought the project to @radical.media, and it will include “highlights from hours of never-before-seen archival and performance footage tracing Nina’s life from her journey from poverty in the Jim Crow South, to her defining role in the Civil Rights struggle and her arrival on the world’s stage and finally, her self-imposed exile in France.”

Rhymes & Reasons Interviews Pugs Atomz About the Hip Hop Songs that Changed His Life

Rhymes & Reasons presents Pugs Atomz.

Pugz Atomz–appropriately for the long-time host of WHPK’s “CTA Radio”–dug in the crate for his session with Rhymes & Reasons.

He talked to us about Saafir’s “Light Sleeper,” a quirky West Coast classic from an innovator of lyrical style, as well as Whodini’s “The Freaks Come Out,” “Spaceship” from Kanye West, GLC, and Consequence, and “Brooklyn Hardrock,” by Thurston Howell III. (We learned a lot about Polo.)


Check out the interview below:

Lil Wayne Addresses American Flag Controversy: “It was never my intention to desecrate the flag”

Yesterday, we told you about the controversy surrounding a recent Lil Wayne video that seemed to show the New Orleans rapper stepping all over the American flag.

Lil Wayne has responded to the controversy, releasing a statement earlier today.

Weezy says he had no intention of desecrating the American flag, and that the video that surfaced online captures a camera trick in progress.

Lauryn Hill Responds to Accusations that “Neurotic Society” Lyrics are Homophobic

A couple of weeks ago, writer Monica Miller called out Lauryn Hill for what she felt were homophobic lyrics in Hill’s latest song, “Neurotic Society.”

In a piece that appeared on BET.com, writer Monica Miller claimed that Hill’s use of terms like “girl men” and “drag queens” perpetuated injustice.

Well, Hill has responded to those claims in her latest post on Tumblr:

Rhymes and Reasons Interviews Jacinda Bullie About the Hip Hop Songs that Changed Her Life

Rhymes & Reasons presents Jacinda Bullie.

Jacinda Bullie is a founding member of Chicago’s influential hip-hop arts and education collective, Kuumba Lynx.

In this interview with R&R, Jacinda talks about the b-girl anthem “Roxanne’s Revenge,” by Roxanne Shante, the lovers’ anthem “All I Need,” by Method Man ft. Mary J. Blige, and personally touching the pulse of Chicago’s early hip-hop scene.