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NY1 Sues NYPD for Charging $36,000 to View Body Cam Footage

The New York news station, NY1, is suing the New York Police Department for charging $36,000 to see police body camera footage. A reporter for the news station sent a Freedom of Information Law request to NYPD’s legal office for 190 hours of unedited videos. Four months later, the police department said that they would only show edited clips from the camera for $36,000.

There’s no ‘Hood Disease’ after all

A viral clip using the term “Hood Disease” to describe the impact of trauma on inner-city youth raised eyebrows last week, and rightfully so.

The term was used in a story during last Friday’s newscast on KPIX-TV, a CBS affiliate in San Francisco. The story highlighted children who lived in “virtual war zones” who repeatedly experience trauma. 

Jet Magazine cancels print edition


Jet Magazine, the pioneering weekly magazine for African Americans that rose to prominence during the civil rights movement, will no longer publish a regular print edition.

Johnson Publishing Company, who owns the magazine, will move Jet to a digital format starting in June. Content will be delivered via web and a paid subscription app.

It Will Always Be a White Christmas


In Chicago, the snow has finally come! Families have decorated their homes and stores have chimed in to the holiday spirit. This is the time where holidays really feel like holidays. I always had a soft spot for Christmas. It’s a time where you can give, receive and eat well.

I recently stumbled upon a blog written by Slate Culture blogger Aisha Harris and also viewed the debate about Harris’ proposal that Christmas should have a more culturally universal figure instead of a White Santa led by Megyn Kelly on Fox News. It was almost too entertaining to hear Megyn make it known to kids who didn’t know or maybe doubt that Santa Claus is white. And Jesus too.