North Carolina’s racial gerrymandering actions struck down

Yesterday, the Supreme Court struck down North Carolina’s 2011 congressional district map, where large blocs of black voters had been subject to racial gerrymandering and placed in oddly shaped districts. The Court determined that there was no compelling racial interest to permit the boundaries of these districts. The vote was decided by Justice Kagan, Justice Thomas (surprise), Justice Ginsburg, Justice Breyer, and Justice Sotomayor.

‘Bathroom Bill’ Could Cost North Carolina More than $3 Billion

Conservative politicians in North Carolina have spent much of the past year pushing forward what’s commonly referred to as the “bathroom bill”. As it currently stands, it would require people to use public restrooms labeled for their assigned gender at birth, putting many transgender people in harms way not to mention violently reinforcing transphobic gender norms.

Public response to the bill has been negative as multiple businesses, artists and national organizations have put a hold on supporting any ventures in the state. Despite this, government officials in support of the bill have stood firm behind the claim that there won’t be any negative effects on the state’s economy.

North Carolina Grand Jury Won’t Charge Officer Who Slammed Teenage Girl

In January, Officer Ruben De Los Santos was still on paid administrative leave despite the release of a video that showed him slamming a 15-year-old girl to the ground after a fight broke out before school one day.

While De Los Santos resigned earlier this month, a North Carolina Grand Jury declined to press charges against him for his actions that day. The case is considered closed for without further action, according to WTVD.

North Carolina GOP Office Firebombed, Trump Blames Clinton Campaign

On Sunday, the North Carolina GOP reported vandalism and firebombing at its Hillsborough office. Apparently, an unknown individual or group of individuals caused fire damage to the inside of the building and spray painted a swastika symbol and the words “Nazi Republicans Get Out of Town Or Else ” on the side of the office.

Thankfully, no one was harmed; however, the rhetoric from the Trump campaign is undoubtedly the motivation for this attack. As this horrible incident shows, the American people are the ones who will ultimately be hurt by Trump’s vitriolic campaign.

North Carolina Proposes Bill To Bar Access To Police Body Cams

North Carolina is working diligently to join Texas and Florida as states that have massive “You’re Not Welcome” signs hanging on their borders. If the controversial bathroom bill or testing welfare applicants for drug use wasn’t enough, state legislators are now working to pass a bill that will completely remove access to police body cameras. 

Trump Supporters Were Denied Service At A Restaurant, Cite Discrimination

Fact: No one should be denied a service because of who they are or what they believe

Also fact: It’s pretty ironic when supporters of a candidate (whose entire campaign is based on discrimination) are denied a service and are then shocked to see what that discrimination feels like.

Shannon Riggs and her cousins were on the way back from a Donald Trump rally in North Carolina when they decided to get some food from a local restaurant chain called Cook Out. Adorned in full “Make America Great Again” regalia, Riggs and her cousins approached the window to make their order and claim they heard an employee say, “‘Oh, hell no, I’m not serving them.”

Federal Government Sues North Carolina Over ‘Bathroom Bill’

North Carolina’s bill that force people to use the bathrooms that match the gender they were given at birth, commonly referred to as the “Bathroom Bill,” has brought out its biggest opposition yet – the U.S. government.

The Justice Department has sued the state over the controversial bill and claim it “stigmatizes and singles out transgender employees, results in their isolation and exclusion, and perpetuates a sense that they are not worthy of equal treatment and respect,” according to Huffington Post.

Beyoncé Speaks Out On North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law

Many feel that a bill making it’s way through North Carolina’s state legislature would open up members of the LGBT community to an onslaught of discrimination. To show their support for the LGBT community, many celebrities have come out and donated the money from their shows in the state to LGBT-based organizations or even cancelled appearances altogether.

While it doesn’t appear that Beyoncé will be doing either for the Raleigh, NC stop on her latest world tour, she did make a public statement to show support.