#Black Brunch: Disrupting White Spaces

Black Brunch NYC (Photo courtesy of Black Brunch NYC)

Black Brunch NYC (Photo courtesy of Black Brunch NYC)

From Oakland to New York, young protesters are taking it to brunch.

Over the weekend, protesters entered popular eateries in New York and Oakland and called out the names of those killed by police violence.

According to the Washington Post, more than thirty participants filled the restaurants. The disruptions lasted for four-and-a-half minutes to represent the four-and-a-half hours that Michael Brown was left in the street after being killed by former Ferguson, Missouri officer, Darren Wilson.

Oakland firefighter says he was racially profiled by police officer


keith jones

A black Oakland firefighter has filed a complaint with the Oakland Police Department after he and his young sons were detained by a white police officer outside of his job.

Veteran firefighter Keith Jones and his sons who are 9 and 12, were walking back to their SUV at Station 29. A fire crew responding to a call had forgot to close the garage door. Jones went to secure everything.

That was when he encountered the officer. 

Oakland Youth Speak Truth to Power at NAACP Leadership Conference

Youth in the Oakland community had the opportunity at the “OAKLAND NAACP Youth Leadership Conference” to ask adults the tough questions about what is happening in their community.

This was not only a stage for youth inquiry, but it was also a space for youth voice to be amplified and heard.

The youth spoke to Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan, OPD lieutenant Kirk Coleman, Assistant District Attorney Terry Wiley, and the president of the Black Youth Leadership Project, Loreen Pryor.

From Laney Tower:

“No adults can speak to this panel!” facilitator Martin L. McWilson said to the grown-ups in the audience. 

Oakland Schools Allowing Feds to Monitor Disciplinary Procedures; Ensure Fair Treatment of Black Students

The Oakland, California School District will allow the U.S. Department of Education to monitor their disciplinary procedures, to ensure that Black students are not receiving harsher punishments than their white peers.

Black males were suspended at six times the rate of their white counterparts during the 2010-2011 academic year. According to NewsOne, “44 percent of suspensions were because of “defiance of authority,” and by middle school, 1 in 3 Black male students were being suspended.”

A resolution was passed unanimously by the Oakland School Board last week, allowing the federal probe.

Hooked on Ebonics: the controversy that swirls around this “language”

I was shocked to recently learn about the Oakland, California school board’s 1996 decision to classify Ebonics as the official language of its African American students. At the mere age of four, I was ignorant to the political and social controversy this decision stirred up nationwide. Now, at 19, I can understand the problematic implications such a decision leads to.