The cop who shot and killed John Crawford III won’t be charged

John Crawford III was fatally shot by a police officer after he picked up a pellet gun from the toy section of Walmart. Store security footage even shows Crawford walking around the store with the gun while on his phone before Beavercreek Police Officer Sean Williams shot him dead.

Despite all of this, Williams will not be charged with any federal crimes or civil rights violations, according to Huffington Post.

Bresha Meadows takes plea deal, expected release in 2018

The court proceedings that spurred the #FreeBresha movement have come to a close. Bresha Meadows‘s supporters, including her family and attorneys, attested that she shot her abusive father in an act of self-defense. To reunite with her family, she’s made a deal that could see her return home much sooner.

Meadows, 15, has accepted a plea of “true” to a reduced charge of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of her father. She was sentenced to one year and a day in the custody of the Department of Youth Services, including time already served, and six months at a mental health facility, according to WFMJ.

Ohio teacher fired after dragging toddler down hallway

Schools are where families send their children to both learn and be kept safe for a few hours. At least, in theory. Unfortunately, there’s what appears to be a constant stream of children being out in harms way instead, no matter their age. The latest example of a child being put in danger while in the care of a school occurred in Youngstown, Ohio, according to WKBN.

Dave Chappelle Speaks On Police Violence At Ohio Town Hall Meeting

If you thought that Dave Chappelle was living it up in a deluxe penthouse in New York City you wouldn’t be further from the truth. The comedy star and his family actually live a mostly quiet life on a farm in a town called Yellow Springs, Ohio.

However, despite living in a village of less than 4,000 people, Chappelle still can’t escape police violence and chose to speak out on it at a recent town hall meeting.

Bresha Meadows Won’t Face A Life Sentence In Adult Court

Bresha Meadows’ future just got a lot clearer following a judge’s decision to not charge her as an adult after fatally shooting her abusive father.

If her case would’ve been taken out of juvenile court, she would’ve faced the risk of being sentenced to life in prison. Now, the biggest risk she faces is staying in the juvenile system until she’s 21 if convicted.

Respecting The Totality of Muhammad Ali’s Legacy

This past weekend I took a trip to Columbus, OH to meet up with some fellow writers and friends. After a couple days of constantly being in rooms with no fewer than eight and sometimes as many as fifty people, the introvert in me needed some time alone to decompress. So I dipped off to grab some quick dinner at a nearby diner on High Street.

I wasn’t even sitting down long enough to get a glass of lemonade when I noticed there was a man sitting alone at a bar a few feet away. He was an elderly white man sporting a John Deere cap and overalls who spent the next  few minutes flirting with the waitresses when he wasn’t asking for another Budweiser.