When I was a kid, after every Thanksgiving dinner my dad would go around the table and have each kid say what we were thankful for. It was an excruciating process–and nothing like the scene from The Cosby Show. Since my siblings were younger and cuter they came off a lot less abrasive than a bespectacled prepubescent misanthropist way too young to be that cynical.

This many years later, I appreciate my dad’s Cosby-esque efforts at family togetherness and reflection. Such endeavors made my upbringing semi-respectable and gave me something to undermine in my adult life. And so, it is in that spirit that I consider some of the things I’m grateful for these few days before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Summer M.'s Predictions for 2011

Admittedly, this blog is about a week late.  Teena Marie’s unfortunate and untimely death caused me to bump my 2011 predictions back a week.  I’m not sure if I can technically call the following statements predictions since we are already a few days into the new year.  Nonetheless, I prognosticate for you, dear audience.  I will try my best not to cheat or be any lazier than I usually am.  And by lazy, I mean I won’t predict anything (unfortunate) about Tyler Perry or Oprah Winfrey or how I plan to use my fantasy football winnings to adopt a puppy and name him Vick.  (Although if you’d like to read what I tweeted during Barbara Walters’ interview of the Divine Ms. O, you may see that here.)  Instead, I offer the following hopes for the new year: