Two 911 Dispatchers Suspended After Quintonio LeGrier Murder

Quintonio LeGrier called 911 three times on Dec. 26. His first two calls were ignored by dispatchers, even though he claimed his life was in danger. After the third , dispatchers sent Officer Robert Rialmo to the scene where he would shoot and kill LeGrier and a neighbor named Bettie Jones.

The first two dispatchers who chose to not send police to the scene have been suspended by the Office of Emergency Management and Communications, according to The Chicago Tribune. 


BYP100 Feature: #JusticeForEricHarrisNOLA

On Monday Feb 8th, 2016, Eric Harris, a 22nd year old Black man was killed by deputies from the Jefferson Parish Sherriff’s Office (JPSO) in the Central City neighborhood of New Orleans. Authorities have attempted to justify the shooting by claiming they acted in self-defense after Harris crashed his car into a pole. It was claimed that his tail lights went on, putting his vehicle in reverse, though his girlfriend and passenger that evening offered a conflicting report that accuses JPSO of making up crucial details in order to justify the shooting. According to The Advocate, Harris’ girlfriend reports that after crashing, Harris was too dazed and disoriented to put the car in reverse, “I never saw him try to back up” she says, “As soon as he asked me if I was all right, they started shooting at the car. I just felt like they was mad that they chased us.”

Princeton University

Black Princeton Professor Arrested, Handcuffed To Table For Unpaid Parking Ticket

Imani Perry is a well-known professor of African-American studies at Princeton University. But that didn’t protect her from enduring what she’s recalling as a terrifying experience when she was arrested, patted down by a male officer and handcuffed to a table because of a three-year-old parking ticket.

Chicago Police

Records Suggest Chicago Police Tampered With Dashcams

After acknowledging the initial horror many experienced when viewing video footage of Laquan McDonald being shot and killed by Chicago police, everyone started to notice the same thing – there was no sound. New records suggest that was more than a mere coincidence and reveals a pattern in CPD officers tampering with dashcams and hiding microphones.


Quintonio LeGrier Called 911 Three Times Before Police Shot Him to Death

According to the New York Times, 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier called 911 three times before the police shot him.

There have been new findings from a December police shooting in Chicago which left LeGrier, a college student who was experiencing a mental episode, and his neighbor dead after being hung up on by an impatient dispatcher. When LeGrier did not give identifying information, the dispatcher hung up on him.