Georgia Police Chief Apologizes For 1940 Lynching

Lynchings were a not-so-well kept secret and core part of American history. For decades, Black people were terrified that they could be taken out of their homes or jail cells by a mob of angry white people in the middle of the night and killed. Perhaps the worst part is that no one would ever be held accountable for it.

To make amends for creating this unease and fear in the Black community, a Georgia police chief publicly apologized for a September 1940 lynching. 

British Police Use Taser On Black Race-Relations Adviser

Police in Britain and Wales may fire their guns less than 10 times a year – shocking, right? – but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to racial profiling.

Officers in Bristol, which is 120 miles west of London, are under fire for using a taser on a black man outside of his home while they were looking for a robbery suspect. The biggest of many problems in the altercation is that the man, 63-year-old Judah Adunbi, has spent years working to repair race relations with local police, according to The Washington Post.

Trump Threatens To Send The Feds Into Chicago

President Donald Trump has strategically used the gun violence on Chicago’s South and West sides as a means to convince the public that urban areas are home to “carnage” and practically begging for more policing. Last night, he continued to push this narrative as he tweeted that he’d “send in the Feds!” if the city doesn’t do something. 

Miami Police Officers Fired For Joking About Black Neighborhoods Being ‘Target Practice’

Three new Miami police officers were reportedly fired for joking about using predominantly black neighborhoods as “target practice” in a group chat.

Officers Kevin Bergnes, Miguel Valdes and Bruce Alcin were reportedly fired on Dec. 23 after it was ruled that they violated department policies following an internal affairs investigation. 

A Few Ways to Support Police Abolition In The New Year (Or Right Now)

“Why do we accept forms of security that are rooted in violence?” – Angela Davis, Lecture at University of Chicago November 2016

When I first learned of prison abolition it was from Angela Davis during a lecture she gave at my college campus in 2009. The concept of prison abolition seemed so large and out of reach and it wasn’t something I put much thought into until this year, but a defeatist attitude isn’t what abolished slavery – so who am I to doubt the possibilities of abolition?

How many more brutal police videos do we need until we take police abolition seriously?

I grew up in Oakland, California in the nineties and have been arrested and harassed by police more times in my life than I can count.

I have been one of the people running away when we heard the call, “5-0! 5-0!” signalling that, no matter what we were doing – lawful or otherwise – it was time to disperse because the police were coming. I have never needed videos showing other Black people being terrorized across the country to understand intimately the consequences of the State’s hypervigilant criminalizing of Black folx in Black ‘hoods. Frankly, I am confused why anyone, at this point, still does.

Fort Worth Pastors Call Officer’s Treatment of Black Family ‘Obviously Racist’

Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald has seen the same video we all have of a police officer’s interaction with Jacqueline Craig after she called authorities because her neighbor allegedly choked her seven-year-old son for littering. He also watched the situation escalate on film as the officer forcibly arrested Craig and her two teenaged daughters after implying that the incident was her fault. 

Officer Who Shot Keith Lamont Scott Won’t Be Charged

Keith Lamont Scott, 43, was shot by Charlotte police in late September. Officer Brentley Vinson reportedly shot Scott after he allegedly left an SUV in front of his home with a gun in hand and denied orders to drop it.

District Attorney Andrew Murray has announced that Vinson would not face any charges in Scott’s death, according to the Charlotte Observer.