Off-Duty Chicago Police Officer Shoots Man In Mt. Greenwood

What various media outlets are reporting as a road rage incident ended tragically as an off-duty Chicago police officer fatally shot Joshua Beal, 25, in the city’s Mt. Greenwood neighborhood.

DNA Info reports that Beal was sitting in a car that was blocking the driveway of a Chicago Fire Department on Saturday afternoon. When a firefighter asked him to move, Beal reportedly left his vehicle and a fight began. Moments later, a CPD sergeant was on his way to work and noticed the scene. 

Police Chief Association President Apologizes For Past Wrongdoings Against People of Color

Police have a long history of conflict with communities of color for a very, very long time. It’s not too much of a stretch to assume that this checkered past plays a role in today’s strained relationship between the two. Terrence Cunningham, president of the International Assn. of Chiefs of Police, took the opportunity to apologize. 

DOJ Finds San Francisco’s Police Department Suffers From Bias

It wasn’t really a secret that San Francisco’s police department suffered from the same racial issues that many stations across the country are plagued with. In fact, the are currently managing a scandal that involved multiple officers sending racist text messages.

To confirm that these racial undertones affect the department’s police work, the Department of Justice just released their findings after a six-month investigation, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Body Camera Video Shows Black Man Arrested, Punched On His Own Porch

Dejuan Yourse was sitting on his mother’s porch as he waited for her to come home and let him in. However, a neighbor’s call-in of a possible robbery resulted in Officer Travis Cole arriving on the scene to harass, arrest and punch Yourse.

After reviewing body camera footage that has been released to the public, city council members in Greensboro, North Carolina unanimously voted to permanently strip Cole of his title and privileges as a police officer, according to the Huffington Post.

Serena Williams Pens Essay On Her Fear Of Police Violence

It’s not hyperbole when people of color claim that one of their daily concerns is if they’ll encounter police and, more importantly, if they’ll walk away unscathed. This police paranoia doesn’t even disappear once people of color reach the peak of celebrity status, like Serena Williams, the greatest tennis player and, arguably, athlete, of this entire generation.

Williams published an introspective Facebook post on Tuesday about her latest near encounter with police and the feelings that she was left with. Read the post in full below.