New Evidence: North Miami Cop Knew Charles Kinsey Was Unarmed, Still Shot Him

In July 2016, Charles Kinsey was shot by a North Miami police officer while laying on the ground with his hands raised. The officer who shot him claimed that he couldn’t tell if the autistic patient Kinsey was sitting next to was armed or simply holding a toy truck, which was the case.

A new hour-long recording has been released and argues that the officer, Jonathan Aledda, was fully aware that Kinsey wasn’t armed before he fired his weapon, according to the Miami New Times.

NFL Players Meet With Congress To Talk Police Relations And Prison Rehabilitation

The distrust between police officers and people of color doesn’t go away just because they’ve obtained fame and increased added commas to their bank accounts. They still feel the tension in the communities and are often harassed and wrongfully arrested themselves. To prove that they’re not removed from the international dialogue on police violence, a group of NFL players went back to Capitol Hill this week to speak with members of Congress about what could be done. 

Desmond Phillips Killed By Police During Mental Health Episode

Many of the deaths at the hands of police are underscored by a common thread of mental health needs that often goes ignored by the public. The latest example of a black person being killed while suffering from an “episode” is Desmond Phillips, 25, who was shot after his father called police to their shared apartment in Chico, California. 

Dave Chappelle Speaks On Police Violence At Ohio Town Hall Meeting

If you thought that Dave Chappelle was living it up in a deluxe penthouse in New York City you wouldn’t be further from the truth. The comedy star and his family actually live a mostly quiet life on a farm in a town called Yellow Springs, Ohio.

However, despite living in a village of less than 4,000 people, Chappelle still can’t escape police violence and chose to speak out on it at a recent town hall meeting.

Couple Fined For Not Removing Racist Graffiti They Found On Their Home

An interracial couple in Stamford, Connecticut is taking a stand against the harassment they’ve received because of their relationship and local police’s inability to find those responsible.

Heather Lindsay and Lexene Charles returned home on Jan. 14 to find “N*GGER” spray-painted on their garage door. Since then, the disgusting mark remains, despite the threat of $100 daily fines and potential criminal charges.