Serena Williams Pens Essay On Her Fear Of Police Violence

It’s not hyperbole when people of color claim that one of their daily concerns is if they’ll encounter police and, more importantly, if they’ll walk away unscathed. This police paranoia doesn’t even disappear once people of color reach the peak of celebrity status, like Serena Williams, the greatest tennis player and, arguably, athlete, of this entire generation.

Williams published an introspective Facebook post on Tuesday about her latest near encounter with police and the feelings that she was left with. Read the post in full below.

Charlotte Police Say Video Proves Keith Scott Was Armed, But Not That He Pointed Weapon

After police shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott earlier this week, his family immediately said that he wasn’t armed and was actually holding a book at the time. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney now says that there is video evidence that Scott was, in fact, armed but not that he was pointing his weapon.

Columbus Police Shoot 13-Year-Old For Allegedly Reaching For BB Gun

Columbus police have shot a 13-year-old boy during a chase when he allegedly reached for a BB gun. According to NBC, officers were responding to a call of an armed robbery where the victim was robbed of $10. When police arrived on the scene and saw three young boys matching the suspects’ description, two of them fled, including Tyre King.