Columbus Police Shoot 13-Year-Old For Allegedly Reaching For BB Gun

Columbus police have shot a 13-year-old boy during a chase when he allegedly reached for a BB gun. According to NBC, officers were responding to a call of an armed robbery where the victim was robbed of $10. When police arrived on the scene and saw three young boys matching the suspects’ description, two of them fled, including Tyre King. 

South Bend Police

Jury Awards $18 To Innocent Teen After He Was Punched and Tasered By Police

In the summer of 2012, DeShawn Franklin, 18, was asleep in his bedroom when police suddenly entered the room, punched him in the face, tasered him and dragged him out to a police car. The worst part is, he wasn’t even who they were looking for. The teen was taken into custody simply because he fit the description of a slender Black man with dreads. 


Chicago Police Take Steps To Fire Officers Involved In Laquan McDonald Case

It’s been nearly two years, but the fallout from Laquan McDonald’s death at the hands of Chicago police is far from over. Out of the ten officers that were involved in McDonald’s killing, and cover-up that followed, five are now being brought before the Chicago Police Board for possible termination at the request of Supt. Eddie Johnson. 

A skirmish broke out between protesters and Chicago Police near Columbus and Balbo on Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015. The protesters marched against police-involved shootings in the wake of the city's release of a video showing the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald at the hands of Officer Jason Van Dyke. |

Poll: Most young adults say police treat some differently

By: Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Across racial and ethnic groups, most young Americans think police treat some groups of people differently than others, according to a new GenForward poll.

The poll shows that most think African-Americans, Latinos, the poor and immigrants are more likely to be mistreated. It also shows that young blacks are especially likely to say they’ve experienced arrest, harassment or violence by police.


GenForward Poll: Young black adults less trusting of police

By: Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Young Americans are about equally likely to say they’ve had an encounter with police, but young black adults are much more likely than whites to say they’ve been arrested, harassed or know someone who has been, a new GenForward poll said Wednesday.

Twenty-eight percent of blacks say they have been arrested after encounters with law enforcement, 24 percent say they’ve been personally harassed by police, and 53 percent say they know someone who has.


Chicago Police Call Trump’s Bluff On Ending Gun Violence

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been centered on making grand statements that many voters never force him to follow through on. Outside of building walls and fixing the U.S. economy practically overnight, he’s also claimed that he can end gun violence, specifically in Chicago.

While Trump often uses Chicago as an example of how bad gun violence can be, he’s never really said what he’d plan to do. Even when his staff made a claim that they’d talked to a top Chicago police official that informed them of a way to resolve the problem in a week by being “much tougher.” Well, CPD’s calling his bluff. 

An image from a Chicago police officer body camera after Paul O'Neal was shot.

80 Percent of Chicago Police Shooting Victims Are Black Males

The Chicago Police Department has made claims that it would work to be more open and transparent following a scandal tied to the shooting death of Laquan McDonald when Former Officer Jason Van Dyke shot him 16 times. However, the Chicago Tribune still had to wait seven months and threaten a lawsuit to be given data about the department’s recent shootings.

The Tribune found that, in a six year period between 2010 and 2015, 92 people were killed in police shootings and another 170 were injured. Four out of five of those shooting victims were black males. The data also showed that a Chicago police officer fired their weapon at someone once every five days, on average.