Minnesota’s “Ban the Box” Bill Helps Ex-Offenders Find Employment

Many in Minnesota are hopeful that Governor Mark Dayton will sign a bill banning employers from asking a job applicant about their criminal history before the interviewing stage of the hiring process.

Advocates say the “Ban the Box” bill will give folks with criminal records a chance to enter back into and enrich their communities by seizing employment.

If the bill becomes law, Minnesota will be the ninth state to do so.

23 Year-Old Joshua Williams Graduates from College Despite Homelessness; Starts Scholarship Fund

It’s graduation season. In the coming weeks we’ll read about impressive young people who have already made their mark on the world.

Well, Joshua Williams is one of those students.

Williams, a senior at Bethune-Cookman College, will graduate this weekend with a degree in criminal justice.

Even more astonishing? Joshua spent most of his college career without a place to live:

Demonstrations Against Conservative Agenda Continue in North Carolina

A group of ministers, students, and activists have been engaging in civil disobedience in North Carolina, in protest of a conservative agenda that attacks voting rights, health care for the poor, and environmental laws.

A student group called the NC Student Power Union has been leading the charge, condemning this conservative agenda as a direct attack on their futures.

Many have been arrested since the demonstrations began.

Nobel Prize Winner Gary Becker Advocates Paying Parents for Student Performance

University of Chicago economist Gary Becker recently spoke that The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, addressing what he says it will take to keep “the American Dream” alive.

But one idea raised a few eyebrows: paying parents based on their child’s performance in school.

In doing so, a major barrier to a student’s academic success – a financially-unstable homelife – would be alleviated.

George Bush Says “There’s No Need to Defend Myself” Regarding Legacy

As the unveiling of his presidential library approaches, former President George W. Bush is doubling down on his legacy.

In an interview with USA Today, Bush asserted that he has no reason to apologize for or defend any of his actions (or inaction) during his controversial presidency.

Friends and relatives say Bush is “totally at peace” with his time in office.

Editorial Asks “Where Are Ordinary Black Youth in Popular Culture?”

Media depictions of black youth are more often than not deeply problematic.

Young black people are often presented as either the exceptional overachiever or the “lazy, dangerous thug.” The media seemingly has no interest in the spectrum of experiences and perspectives of young black people.

A recent editorial asks the question, “Where Are Ordinary Black Youth in Popular Culture?”

8 Year-Old Follows Tenn. Lawmaker Around State Capitol; Shames Him Into Dropping Welfare Bill

8 year-old Aamira Fetuga followed Tennessee lawmaker Sen. Stacey Campfield (R) around the state capitol until he agreed to drop a bill linking welfare benefits to a student’s academic performance.

Nearby, a choir of 60 activists sang “Jesus Loves the Little Children” as Fetuga handed Campfield a petition demanding that he drop the controversial bill.

The walk to the Senate floor was a long and awkward one, but it may have worked. Campfield agreed to drop the bill for now.