President Obama Declares Oklahoma Major Disaster Area; 24 Dead, Hundreds Injured

The massive tornado that hit Oklahoma has left dozens dead and hundreds injured and without homes.

President Obama has since declared Oklahoma a major disaster area, which allows those affected to apply for “federal grants for temporary housing and home repairs, low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses and other programs.”

The President delivered a speech this morning, calling the tornado “one of the most destructive storms” in American history.

Bronx Bus Tour Shows NYC Tourists What a “Real Ghetto” Looks Like

NYC bus tour Real Bronx Tours reportedly takes foreigners on a tour of the Bronx to learn what a “real ghetto” looks like.

Past patrons say the tour guide, Lynn Battaglia, pokes fun at the borough and its residents throughout the tour; lambasting the Bronx as a crime and poverty-infested nightmare.

NewsOne describes some of the tour’s itinerary:

At one point during the tour, Battaglia allegedly told the tourists in front of pantry line, “I don’t know what that line’s about, but every Wednesday we see it,” Battaglia told the tourists. “We see them go in with empty carts, and we see them come out with carts full.”

STUDY: Body Mass Index of Low-Income African Americans Linked to Proximity to Fast Food

According to researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the body mass index of low-income African Americans that live in close proximity to fast food is higher than those who do not.

Often called food deserts, cheap, affordable, abundant fast food options in low-income neighborhoods is highly influential on obesity rates among the population.

According to the study, even higher-income populations displayed a higher body mass index depending on their proximity to fast food.

But income is still a very important factor.

Minnesota’s “Ban the Box” Bill Helps Ex-Offenders Find Employment

Many in Minnesota are hopeful that Governor Mark Dayton will sign a bill banning employers from asking a job applicant about their criminal history before the interviewing stage of the hiring process.

Advocates say the “Ban the Box” bill will give folks with criminal records a chance to enter back into and enrich their communities by seizing employment.

If the bill becomes law, Minnesota will be the ninth state to do so.

23 Year-Old Joshua Williams Graduates from College Despite Homelessness; Starts Scholarship Fund

It’s graduation season. In the coming weeks we’ll read about impressive young people who have already made their mark on the world.

Well, Joshua Williams is one of those students.

Williams, a senior at Bethune-Cookman College, will graduate this weekend with a degree in criminal justice.

Even more astonishing? Joshua spent most of his college career without a place to live:

Demonstrations Against Conservative Agenda Continue in North Carolina

A group of ministers, students, and activists have been engaging in civil disobedience in North Carolina, in protest of a conservative agenda that attacks voting rights, health care for the poor, and environmental laws.

A student group called the NC Student Power Union has been leading the charge, condemning this conservative agenda as a direct attack on their futures.

Many have been arrested since the demonstrations began.