Obama Asks Kaepernick To Consider Military Families While He Protests

Colin Kaepernick has gone to great lengths to show that while he’s protesting the National Anthem, he has great respect for members of the military and their sacrifices. Despite this, many people feel that anything but unapologetic support for all things tied to American symbolism is un-American.

While he originally supported Kaepernick’s freedom of speech, and his cause, President Barack Obama recently came out to ask the football player, and other athletes, to consider military members and families during their protest. As if they weren’t already.

A New Future for the Voting Rights Act?

Inalienable civil rights might actually still be a concept, if Attorney General Holder has anything to do with it. In the wake of the Supreme Court decision in Shelby County v. Holder I was not convinced.

If you aren’t familiar with the case, this major decision essentially gutted the Voting Rights Act, rendering section 5 unconstitutional. What this unfortunate decision ultimately did was disallow mandatory Department of Justice approval before states (with a history of discrimination) could alter their voting laws. Simply put, in several southern states, people of color and other marginal groups will now be confronted with overt voting discrimination similar to that seen in the mid 1900’s.

But the fight is not over yet, people. Justice, for once, might actually prevail. Just this morning the Obama administration announced “an aggressive end-run around” attempt to hopefully restore the essential section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. Attorney General Holder will lead this honorable campaign, highlighting the need for state preclearance processes in states like Texas. Speaking at the National Urban League conference, Holder continued, stating “We cannot allow the slow unraveling of the process that so many, throughout history, have sacrificed so much so achieved!” And to that I say, Amen.

VIDEO: Santorum Calls President Obama ‘Anti-War, Government N—er?!’

Here we go again.

Perhaps you’ll recall an incident a few months ago when Rick Santorum went on a tangent about how he didn’t want to “make black peoples lives better by giving them someone else’s money;” and then denied it, claiming he’d really said “blah people?”

Well Rick is at it again, this time possibly referring to our Commander in Chief as an “anti-war, government nigger.”

Let’s see how he explains this one:

Women’s Her-story Moment: Why Do Black Women Swoon over President Barack Obama? Desperation?

Now that it is Women’s Her-story month I thought I would stoke the fires with a blog about something many black women would have a problem with, but something I need to write and have been thinking about for some time . . . our love for President Barack Obama. Perhaps, not love, but our longing for him. Yep, I am questioning our longing for him as black women. I tell you, it greatly saddens me to see black women swoon over Barack Obama and his family because it lets me know how desperate we are as black women for the illusion of the acceptable black family model and an acceptable black man.

And, yes, all ages of black women tend to swoon over him even seasoned (cough cough cough) 55 year-old black women shave countless decades off their lives and become 16 year-old navel gazing black girls referring to Obama, the President of the United States, as His Cuteness as if President Barack Obama, the leader of the known world, is some simple cast member of Grey’s Anatomy where the most attractive male cast members are seductively and playfully referred to as McDreamy, McSteamy, and, now, His Cuteness. I know many of you are saying, “It’s all fun and banter.” And, in response, I would say both yes and no. Don’t get me wrong, I relish the womanist talk downright juicy idioms and metaphors we use to talk about deliciously beautiful black men. I have been known to call a certain coco-looking black male actor, “The Stick.”

President Obama Gives Ten States ‘No Child Left Behind’ Waivers

The Obama Administration is expected to give ten states “No Child Left Behind” waivers today, providing them with leeway to develop their own strategies.

According to NewsOne, those states are Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Tennessee. New Mexico has yet to recieve a waiver, but is reportedly working with the Obama Administration to get one as well.

28 other states are expected to apply for waivers in the coming months.

President Obama Unveils 180,000 Summer Jobs for Youth

President Obama announced a large-scale youth employment initiative today, unveiling commitments from a slew of major companies and business men to create 180,000 summer jobs for young people.

Dubbed, “Summer Jobs+,” the initiative will focus on serving low-income youth between the ages of 16-24.

Young people will be able to begin their search using an online jobs database within the next two months.

From The Loop 21:

“‘America’s young people face record unemployment, and we need to do everything we can to make sure they’ve got the opportunity to earn the skills and a work ethic that come with a job,’ President Barack Obama said in a statement released Thursday morning.