On Jeopardy episode, no one wanted to answer questions about black Americans

Last Night on Jeopardy No One Wanted to Answer Qs About Black History

Something interesting happened on an episode of Jeopardy week before last. For its “College Jeopardy” panel, the category of “African-American History” was added to the board.

While the contestants blew threw all five of the other categories including “Weather Verbs” and “Kiwi Fauna,” not one went for the sixth which was you guessed it, “African-American History.” 

Black Youth Dissuaded from Asking Questions?

This past weekend I spent time with my niece in celebration of her ninth birthday! It was great to be in the midst of young children in my family with all their wonder and innocence. On another hand, it was also tiresome answering all of their questions all day! While I am mostly joking, this day full of kids reminded me of an article I once read. The main thesis of the article was that African-American youth are less likely to ask questions in schools than Caucasian youth. Reason being, the former group is discouraged from asking questions in the home life whereas the latter group encourages inquisitive nature. Keeping this in mind, I wonder if and where this similar sentiment is seen in other arenas dealing with youth. My first thoughts surprisingly led me to church and home, the main social institutions present in a black youth’s life.