Pharrell responds to criticism of lack of black women on album cover


Pharrell has a new album on the way and he’s up for an Oscar. Things are going good for the musician/ producer.

But he’s finding himself in a heap of trouble regarding the artwork for his upcoming album “G I R L.” The cover features Pharrell and three women dressed in bathrobes staring at the camera. The work drew accusations of racism and sexualization. 

Michael Dunn tells fiancé that he is both the ‘victim and the victor’ in fatal Jordan Davis shooting


On Saturday a jury found Florida resident Michael Dunn guilty on three counts of attempted murder, and one count of firing a missile on the day that led to the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Jordan Davis.

In newly released phone calls from jail to his fiancé, Dunn tells her that he is both the victim and the victor in the situation. 

Study: North Carolina voting law proves to disenfranchise black voters


According to a Dartmouth University study, North Carolina’s recent changes to the state’s voting laws will disproportionately affect black voters.

North Carolina was once included in the Voting Rights Act’s requirement that states and other jurisdictions with a history of racism in voting submit changes to their voting laws to the Justice Department for approval. But a Supreme Court ruling no longer requires states to do so.