Apparently Ron Paul Deserves Our Votes…

You should be voting for Ron Paul. Yes, that Ron Paul.

At least that’s what this article would have you believe. According to the author, Ron Paul has it right. He is a threat to the establishment with his revolutionary ideas about the war on drugs, so we’d do well not to be distracted by newsletters that were not authored by the man. Instead focus on his opinions on FEMA and the federal government extending aid to American citizens.

The Obvious Answer

This weekend marks a pivotal point in the GOP’s primary process. Historically over the last several elections, the front runner coming out of the New Hampshire primary has gone on to become the party’s nomination. Much speculation has been directed over the past weeek or so, to media proclaimed front runner Mitt Romney, up and comer Rick Santorum and the man who has vowed to aid Santorum in the remaining times Newt Gingrich. While the confidence among most republicans as to whether or not any of these three men can actually take the office from President Obama, more and more over the last few days the trust seems to slowly but surely be invested in Romney, but is this the right choice?