Prince Posthumously Sells Nearly 3 Million Songs, 650K Albums

When famous artists pass on, the perceived value of their work sometimes triples. But when icons pass away, their art goes up nearly tenfold. So it’s no surprise that Prince’s catalog would sell so much after his unexpected passing last Thursday.

As of this Monday, Prince has sold 2.8 million songs and more than 650,000 albums, both physically and digitally, since news of his death broke. In the three days before his passing, he only sold 1,400 copies, according to USA Today.

#NotOneDime: ‘Black Friday’ Sales Down More Than $1 Billion from 2014

The 2015 shopping season usually peaks in November as stores mark down items for Thanksgiving and the day after, aptly called ‘Black Friday.’ But, for the past few years, the crowds storming malls and storefronts for these deals have decreased significantly. Some credit new trends in consumer behavior. But, it might also be linked to concerted efforts from Black and Brown activist groups who have urged larger communities to abstain from buying at all.