Illinois Gov. Rauner Booed At Chicago State Commencement

Funding for education in Illinois is a mess. The inability to come to a compromise on a state budget has resulted in a financial crisis felt by schools on all levels.

Just a couple of days ago, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that Chicago Public Schools is much deeper in the hole than expected – by an additional hundreds of millions of dollars. Last year, Chicago State University was forced to lay off hundreds of employees and was at risk of not finishing the school-year.  Instead of working together to come to an agreement, both sides continue to pass the blame back and forth. People are tired of it.

Taking a page out of Betsy DeVos’ book, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner was booed while delivering a commencement at a school he probably shouldn’t have even been at, according to WGN.

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Chance the Rapper Announces Arts and Literature Fund For Chicago Schools

As if his initial $1 million donation to Chicago Public Schools wasn’t already more than enough, Chance the Rapper continues to outdo himself. The Chicago rapper held a second press conference last week to announce some major news. First, the Chicago Bulls organization would be matching his initial donation. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, he announced the New Chance Arts and Literature Fund, according to The Chicago Sun-Times.

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‘A Day Without A Woman’ Leads To Prince George’s County School Closures

Today is International Women’s Day and thousands of women across the globe are expressing their rights to protest and stand in solidarity with each other in a variety of ways. One of the most publicized methods is “A Day Without A Woman,” a movement where women are calling off of work and only supporting women-owned businesses to remind the world just how large of a presence they have.

The effects of the protest are being felt everywhere, including businesses and media outlets. The impact is actually so significant that some schools have been forced to close as not enough employees would have been present for a regular school day to be held.

Missouri Students To Be Charged With Felonies For Fighting In 2017

Starting in 2017, schools in Missouri will no longer handle the aftermath of fights between students internally. According to a new statute, School Resource Officers (SROs) and local authorities will now get involved and students may be charged with a felony.

Think Progress originally reported that the new statute will take effect on Jan. 1 and could play a major role in strengthening the school-to-prison pipeline, which could see an increasing number of kids with criminal records at a young age. 

Black Students Are Twice As Likely To Be Disciplined By Law Enforcement

A new study has taken a close look at any disparities in the U.S. education system along the fault lines of race and learning disabilities. While some of what the 2013-2014 Civil Rights Data Collection revealed was positive, a vast majority of it raised concerns over common education practices. The study took a sample size of 50,035,744 students from 95,507 schools from 16,758 school districts for their data.

Among it’s findings, the study revealed that black students are disproportionately disciplined in schools and are less likely to receive a quality education when in schools with higher black populations.

Michigan Approves Nearly $50 Million For Detroit Public Schools

It was recently reported that Detroit Public Schools may be in danger of closing after April 8 due to a lack of funding and an inability to pay staff. It appeared that the only way to keep the school system open through the end of the school-year was for the state of Michigan to provide nearly $50 million.

Thursday, March 17, the Michigan House of Representatives passed a vote of 104-5 to allocate $48.7 to DPS, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Michelle Obama Makes Surprise Visits To Elementary Schools In D.C.

The most endearing thing about President Barack Obama doesn’t have anything to do with him directly. It’s actually his family, especially his wife, Michelle Obama.

Over the past few years, the First Lady has danced with kids in the White House and even made an appearance on popular kids shows. If you were somehow under the belief that she wasn’t absolutely the coolest First Lady ever, a recent video showing her surprising elementary school students should change that.

NYC teacher files suit for being fired for teaching about the Central Park Five

One Manhattan high school has made clear not all lessons are worth learning, particularly those that highlight the fallacies of the criminal justice system.

According to New York Daily News, Jeena Lee-Walker filed suit against the Department of Education and school administrators on Friday for being fired for teaching her students about the Central Park Five as an English teacher at the High School for Arts, Imagination and Inquiry.